The Upanishads?

I would like to read the Upanishads and I would like to know if there is a definative translation or a "most" complete version? In other words, is there the equivalent of a King James version of the Upanishads or is any version as good as the next?

I don't have a clue..we have Christians,Jews,Muslims,Buddhists, Diests,atheists,agnostics...are there any members that are Hindus?

I don't think there are any Hindus on the Holyground, but there are a couple on the OG. So, you might want to ask there.

Its pretty simple language, unlike the complexities you find in the Bible. But I can recommend one thing. Go ahead and get one or two of the versions available, but read then next to a somewhat forgotten one. Rudolph Steiner had a really cool book on the Upanishads - at least the Bhagavad Gita. His philosophy was called Anthroposophy (Wisdom of Man), calling it such to distinguish it from the system from which it grew, Madame Blavatsky's "Theosophy" (Wisdom of God). Both systems are created by "far out" 19th Century Western esoteric mystics, who believed that the Eastern Religions had it all figured out. These are part of the same cultural revival of mysticism that permitted Rasputin to cause the fall of the Russian empire - Steiner was pretty cool though and you can still find "Steiner Schools" around that revolve around his philosophy of teaching kids.

read some... will respond

Max Muller is who I read, while not the most accurate- he maintains the poetry when needed.