The utopia is here - why aren't DEMS happy?

Joe “America is Back” Biden is the president
Democrats control the house
Democrats control the senate
Democrats control the presidency
Democrats control the media
Democrats control nearly every single major institution

The utopia is here. Why aren’t they happy? They have everything they want. Maybe their utopia doesn’t exist?


Most of them are perpetually miserable cunts who are only good at complaining. There’s no fixing that, no matter the circumstances.


“All of that is great but three things still exist. White people, cis genders, and America.”

Nytron, VirusHoax, etc.


We need more abortions and more drugs!

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Well, certain democrats are not as good at being democrats as the rest of the democrats, and the real democrats can’t tolerate any democrat being less of a democrat than themselves - so democrats must die or conform, if you know what I mean.

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lol at the fag who “ignores” posters…and then can’t stop thinking about them and posts about them all the time.

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Because today’s left is comprised of nothing other than very dysfunctional losers and rejects. They are worthless and have misery so deeply embedded within them, there is no saving such “people”.

Until killing babies is a right, there will be no happiness!!

No one will ever be happy as long as social media exists