The vaccinated are slowly but surely connecting the dots

Thats giving him a little too much credit. He is a dolt. If you are truly anti-vaxx in 2022, you are a fucking retard and deserve ridicule. This was prior to any COVID shot.

I didn’t think you would at all. Let us know when you make it to double digits.

Excellent post. There’s far too much hoopla regarding every aspect of this shit shit show. All I know is that every time I leave my house and go out in public, people are literally not dropping to the ground and dying before my very eyes. Not even one time. In fact, everybody seems to be doing just fine, vaxed or not, they are outside enjoying summer at the beach just the same as they were 3 years ago before all the fuckery began. Praise Allah. Little Baby Jesus is good. Life is grand.

I keep you guys updated. I have been the entire time. I was just complaining about not having access to a 4th booster when all these useless boomers can.

Something like this?

None of this would be the issue it is if they wouldn’t have chosen to mandate a vaccine under the threat of losing your livelihood. I ultimately decided I would rather take my chances with a man made vaccine over a man mad virus but it should never have been forced. If Trump had won and forced the vaccines the Dems would have had a fucking meltdown.


You aren’t going to get nearly the number bites as in the past.

I can’t stop signing up for Microsoft subscriptions. I don’t even use Publisher or Access but I sub’d anyway!? Wtf!

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You biting my dick this once is worth the effort.

Ok sweetheart.

Another dumb cunt.

My immediate thought every time I see someone patting themselves on the back because they willingly took the vaccine.

Then i crack a little smile and peacefully go about my day.

Any time you want to throw verbal hands, I’m right here.

bring it!

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Oh its been broughtn!

jim carrey boxing GIF

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And mourn the people who have died and been maimed by covid?