The "Vaccine" is EFFECTIVE!

You gotta love this shit.

First they said:
Vaccine is effective and you can’t get covid
Vaccine makes it so you can’t transmit
Vaccine is effective but need to get boosters
Vaccine doesn’t stop covid but is non transmissible
Vaccine does not stop covid but reduces symptoms

Vaccine does not stop transmission
If you have covid vaccinated or not you don’t have to quarantine

Oh and btw covid from the start did not have serious symptoms for majority of healthy people
So saying the vaccine reduces symptoms for a virus that already doesn’t have serious symptoms from the beginning for most is bullshit . Anyone who denies this is being biased by their political party and will never admit it


The vaccine continues to provide lasting fantastic protection against hospitalization and death which is why everyone needs to get additional doses in order to be protected against hospitalization and death


He doesn’t get insults with his download packets with bullshit stats and ticktok links like he does for his vax push. It’s a shame. It should be part of the package.


Its truly unfortunate that those duped into the vax not only hurt themselves but they are hurting everyone…… the vaxxed folks are dangerous and a threat to global health.


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I think it was:

First the vaccine are not 100% effective like every other vaccine.

Intelligent people then understood that meant some can get it and spread it.

A political figure said you can’t catch it or spread it if vaccinated.

People that don’t understand not being 100% effective or ever trusted political figures before pretended to believe him.

New variants appeared that the vaccine was less effective against as obviously not designed for.

Covid killed 1.05m and is the third biggest killer in the US.

Random guy on the internet declares that the virus doesn’t have serious symptoms. :thinking:

FFS Did you even read the links you posted. They are talking about the SARS-COV2 virus, you know covid and not the vaccine.

Within a few months of the vaccine roll out they’ve been explaining to the public the vaccine spike protein is modified which makes it safe, unlike the SARS-COV2 virus spike protein.

The second link even explains the vaccine Spike protein has had modifications making it more immunogenic ( beter).

A bit of an own goal.

exactly. Imagine the depths of your self respect and misery if you shill for this govt and shot. Absolute fucking humiliation. Cucks.


“The science changed, so we changed with it.”

Isn’t it funny how the science “changed” and left us with a scenario that is exactly what was described by the “conspiracy theorists”?

What is the explanation there? That the fringe, lunatic, extremist conspiracy loons just miraculously happened to posit a theory that eventually, after all the established science ‘changed’, accidentally turned out to be far more accurate than the initial government and media portrayal?

Is that the logic? That the conspiracy people were accidentally correct, just this one time? Isn’t that a waaaaaay more implausible reality than just accepting that the corporate press had a top down agenda and actively pushed incorrect information that was conducive to their preferred narrative and worldview?


I love the phrase “the science changed”

No, the science didn’t change, the science is static… what changed was either your knowledge or the interpretation of the science.

In other words…

you were just plain wrong.

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You forgot:

And the vax did nothing except kill a bunch of people and injure many more


not true. It made pharma execs and the politicians they donate to much wealthier


You’re right, my bad.



How evil do you have to be to support big pharma?

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