The "Vaccine" is EFFECTIVE!

As things wind down (for now), don’t forget the people in your lives, the media, business, politics, shills, that were pushy with all this and willing to destroy your life and the economy for their pockets, paranoia, and desperate need to feel an ounce of power for once in their lives…The ones that bettlied people for simply wanting to wait, simply not wanting to put something in their bodies they themselves didn’t need…

They’ll never admit they were wrong, they just hope it’s all water under the bridge…shame them every opportunity you can…


Oh I do. Nothing better than shaming retard anti vaxxers

define “retard anti-vaxxer” please…

AKA “Pureblood Champ and Winner of Globohomo Test #1

But there are so many reasons to fear Covid!


Don’t worry, there will be a steady roll out of good news for the antivax pussies to cry over. :joy: :joy:

No one respond to Snowy, he’s a pussy…


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Don’t worry, there will be a steady roll out of good news for the antivax pussies to cry over. :joy: :joy:


You do love your child abusers don’t you

It was developed by Vanderbilt University

Anyway, good for them

Can’t wait to see the interviews of their CEO crying about flushing them down the toilet because nobody took them

Those who will receive the drug should not be infected or have had recent exposure to a Covid-infected person.


What a huge catchment demographic

Also - those aren’t vaccines you complete and utter moron

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The vaxed can quite happily sit back watching the antivaxed with their long covid slowly go down hill over the years.

I’ve had vaxed and unvaxed mates catch covid but not one vaxed has suffered more than very minor symptoms, on the other hand I’ve got a few unvaxed who have long term issues now, some life changing.

I’m currently funding an English mate who lives in the Philippines. He’s a 27yr paramedic who used to work shifts in Iraq, 6 weeks on 4 weeks off running a medical centre and security. He always said if you’re fit and healthy you don’t need vaccinated. Part of his job was testing for covid and he said he never even bothered wearing a mask as he was around positive cases all the time and was fine. He tested positive and was rough for a week then in his words OK just a bit tired now and again. He came home on R and R a couple of months ago and picked up pneumonia which laid him low. He was just getting over it and went down with the shits and couldn’t keep food down then serious migraines started and severe gut pain. He went to St Lukes a World class hospital in Manila paid for by his company whrer he was told him his immune system is shot and he has long covid. His company laid him off with zero warning.

This guy was perfectly fit a few months back and now completely screwed, he’s lost shit loads of weight and can’t even leave his house, he admitted he had a fake vaccination certificate as he never trusted them and is now kicking himself as only now that it’s affecting him has he looked into it and admitted he had never even thought of long covid even though part of his arguments with me was that here’s no long term studies on the vaccines and I’d ask him where are the long term studies on what happens if you catch covid? Now studies are comming out and it’s looking like long covid will replace obesity as a major health issue.

4 dollars worth of pre Biden inflation “Ivermectin” with some Vitamin D and zinc can solve any Covid issues this imaginary bloke is having.


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You obviously don’t understand how and when medications are produced. I’ll help you out a little. They’ll do a sales pitch to governments who will put in pre-orders and pay for them. Big Pharma now has their money so will produce what has been paid for and wouldn’t give a shit if they are poured down the drain.

Clowns who don’t trust big pharma will still rub their hands in glee thinking no one will take them while they are the ones being taxed to pay for them anyway. Duh.

Funny you should mention it, he was taking ivermectin which made me laugh even more as I’d previously sent him lots of studies showing it doesn’t work and only weak minded individuals who were easily conned were taking it.


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Governments won’t be bent over a barrel with ridiculous contracts this time

We can already see they’re not scared stupid and bamboozled like previously

So manufacture as much as you want, approve away

People aren’t scared anymore despite the best efforts of fags like you


I’ll say this…look at the first line he states in his response to me

“The vaxed can QUITE HAPPily sit back watching the antivaxed with their long covid slowly go down hill over the years”

So why listen to this guy? He clearly isn’t doing it to inform and spread information…his emotion is quite tied to his vax-status. Would someone that gives a shit talk about happily watching the antivaxed dying? He’s a piece of shit. And a massive hypocrite to boot. He spews a bunch of anecdotes while dismissing every else’s anecdotes…

The guy is loser and a mental midget


We need snowy… for the few lefties on the OG that are vaxxed and considering boosting, Snowy does a better job of convincing them not to get boosted with his schtick than all of the studies and data highlighting horrific vaccine efficacy and side effects posted by covid vaccine skeptics.

We gotta remember he might be helping add years to peoples lives on here by them not boosting.


Fortunately the vast majority here are vaxed and it’s only a handfull quoting from Bitchute, Expose and knocked up headlines that still can’t be convinced but as they say " you can’t educate pork."

This is actually a fantastic point.

When people see a shill defending every aspect of a poisonous injection which is obviously causing both injuries and death, it serves as a wake up call.