The "Vaccine" is EFFECTIVE!

Its only the beginning. I went to a political rally in my town in N alberta yesterday, there were multiple people on the mic saying their relatives keeled over dead right after the vaxx and they were getting no recognition. Once people have had enough, these genocidal shill doctors are gonna get the rope and it will be GLORIOUS


This is really horrible… so many of our loved ones will not be here in the near future.

They can milk millions from Alex Jones for damaging words but a big pharma planned genocide is illegal to seek damages for.

This is all from a debunked belief that we have too many humans on the earth and the weak ones must be purged. It is sick.



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“Nice try CDC, but the kids are getting blood clots from Climate Change” - Snowy790


You’d need to get an adult to buy it for you.

That looks legitimite, guy has boomerang and is obviously a nut job and the driver just sits there casually, not even reaching for his phone or driving away.
internet believe

So is it “young” people dying from the vaccine? Did more old people croak? Did the vaccine kill them all? How does their lack of fucking and fact that many Japanese are into marrying their anime pillows and fucking sex robots come affect these numbers?

The Director of Vaccination of Israel speaks out against mRNA jabs.
How much more evidence do you pro Vax pushers need to see that it is a poisonous drug?



“Everyone who got it will be gone within the next five years. It’s not complicated. How do I know this? Because it happened to the lab animals. To all of them. Without exception.”

They wanted a 98% vaccination rate. If only 2% of the country is alive in five years, there will be no one left to maintain any societal structure. No manufacturing, no restaurants, no stores. Just a bunch of elites with no one left to serve them.

When the vaccines were rolled out the nut jobs were saying the vaxinated will all be dead in 2yrs, they’re like the religious nut jobs that keep changing the goal posts.

You’d think anyone with the slightest IQ would be asking why the vast majority of doctors, scientists, immunologists and virologists took the vaccine then, surely they’d know better. Even Dr Malone a prominant antivaxer took it.

Some people believe anything they read or maybe they are just stupid.

Why have the masses went along with horrible movements in the past? Nazis, USSR, etc? Peer pressure, mob mentality, etc? You tell me.

Because they never listened to the real experts and never challenged crazy theories. They heard something, believed it and shared it without checking the source. Even when shown the real evidence they dumbed down on the crazy theory as it fitted in with their narrative.

Too bad you weren’t around, you could have stopped hitler and stalin

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So my great aunt nearly died of pericarditis recently and was hospitalized. Shes vaccine and likely recently boosted but i have to confirm.

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What fucking experts were the people of Russia supposed to listen to after their nation was stolen by violent Communists in a bloody revolution?

Also how exactly were they supposed to challenge ‘‘crazy’’ theories? Especially since you don’t believe that citizens should be allowed to defend themselves with guns.

Your post is the most bizarre explanation for why the masses went along with Communism in Russia that I’ve ever heard.


Take a lot of sleeping pills and take a nice hot bath.

Then shoot yourself in the face. While you turn a toaster on with your foot.

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Would that be the armed civilians who overthrew the Government in a revolution and led to ethnic cleansing of the Cossacks? That seams like a great idea.

Hold on you claimed before that owning guns would do absolutely nothing against a tyrannical Government so there was absolutely no point in civilians having them?

Now you have just admitted that they can work against Governments afterall!


Also you didn’t answer the question put to you so here it is again.

-What experts were Russians supposed to listen under Stalin?
-How were they supposed to ‘‘challenge’’ crazy theories?

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