The very fine line hipsters will walk with country music

It’s funny you can have Avett brothers, old Crowe medicine show and holler folk music like the lumineers and you can have bands that can sound straight county like the old 97’s …… all be beloved by the city kids. That said if there’s just 5% extra in it that resembles country country it goes on the no fly zone. So old Crowe could play wagon wheel to delight of a bespectacled tight pant crowd but they would run away from Darius doing it like there was a fire

Is it simply a political thing? Like this song by Morgan, as fratty country pop as he gets, could easily be a Jason isbell song with a few twerks to it

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Speaking of Jason, love him and he’s one of the goats of last 20 years, but man he’s becoming such a Fanny ass

Whatever you say I’ll go ahead and think the opposite. Been working great, so far.

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You gonna argue against Jason isbell ? Not gonna end well for you friend

All my years of hard work and this is how I’m repaid. With Aaron Lewis on my thread?

Yes. This one is for @Fister. Now, heres some country you can butt scoot to!

I don’t particularly care for your tone.

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Jason Isbell complaining about Wallen is purely political and has nothing to do with music. I’m sure there are people on Isbells list of influences who said and did worse.

Guessing word fag or gay thrown around in Alabama over his years . Morgan’s context and intention meant everything

But point of thread is about how much hipsters enjoy country in their music up until that very last point where it crosses over

If so many country singers didnt sing like goats dying a painful death i’d enjoy the music more.

Speaking of Morgan , apparently the hood was more okay with his N bombs than white suburban libs

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Anything is better than Wilco

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How dare you


Say it ain’t so!

My lady grew up in the same neighborhood as this guy. Her younger brother hates him and says he was a dick and a bully, haha.