The vineyard

The vineyard

"He told them; you also go and work in my vineyard, and I will pay you whatever is right. So they went." ( Matthew, 20:4 )

No one can conceive that an Earth so replete with beauty and possibilities could be drifting aimlessly, wandering in the immensity of the universe.

The Planet is not a floating ship without government.

Collective humanity is accustomed to falling into disarray, but the laws that preside over the Terrestrial Home are expressed in complete harmony. This verification helps us to understand that Earth is the vineyard of Jesus. Here we see Him working from the dawn of the centuries and here we witness the transformaiton of human beings, who from one experience to other integrate into His divine love.

The beautiful parable of the laborers enfolds profound concepts. In essence, it designates the local of the human services and refers to the voluminous obligations that the followers received from the Divine Master.

For the time being, man holds on to the illusion that the globe can be the stage of racial or political hegemonies; but, they will perceive in time the clamorous deceit, because, all the sons of reason, embodied on the surface of Earth, have brought with them the task of contributing to the achievement of a more elevated pattern of life in the corner in which they transitorily act.

Wherever you are, remember that you are standing in the vineyard of Jesus Christ.

Are you besieged by difficulties and misfortune?

Work for the common good, even so, because the Father entrusted each cooperator with the just and convenient material.

Our daily bread - Emmanuel / Francisco C Xavier


Under the spiritist point of view, Jesus rules the planet. Let´s say he is a 10th dan black belt. Then the other saint figures, like Budha, are black belts promoted by him, in different dans below him. Therefore, everyone belongs to Jesus team / vineyard on Earth.

Perhaps a poor analogy, though.

And perhaps Jesus himself is related to a higher spirit that rules the galaxy.