The Wachowski Sisters: WTF Happened?!

There is some conversation as to whether or not the idea for the original film’s script was stolen. While I don’t know enough to affirm either way, this would explain why the second two films were colossal piles of horseshit.

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The lady who sued them had a script that honestly was nothing like the Matrix.

The first plot was very fun but not complicated at all. The other two movies got in their own way. They tried to force it into being a ‘smart’ film and in doing so just clouded it up. They just didn’t know where to go after the first one because it was a perfect movie and no sequel was necessary.

It is kind of like when Lucas wrote Phantom Menace. Yes, lets do a sci fi kids movie about… failed trade negotiations in space with shitty aliens doing the worst Japanese accents in history.

I never felt as let down by a film as Phantom Menace until I saw Matrix 2 and 3.