**The Walking Dead Season 7 Official Thread**

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Here we are again. Another year.

Welcome to the Official TWD Thread. All discussions are welcome as we have learned there is a difference b/w the comic and the show.

If you post spoilers give a WARNING first.

Negan is going to fuck shit up this year. 

Premieres Ocotber 23rd @ 9pm EST


YOU CAN POST SPOILERS...just give a warning!

My body is ready..

1 week away! Phone Post 3.0

VU tea bag & Messiah

Berserker -

VU tea bag & Messiah


I heard Negan is the worst villain of the enitre series, which probably means he kills the most liked characters.  Something tells me this season is giong to be nuts.  I can't wait.

in early. gonig to be an interesting season. hope they don't try to cram in too much and let all-out war last a couple of seasons.

Watched the teaser the other day.
Rick has blood splattered on the right side of his face.
There's a blanket on the ground in a pool of blood and brain matter at the end.
Daryl had a blanket on
Maggie had a blanket also from the stretcher iirc
Both are to Ricks right
Negan makes reference to a "right hand man" that he killed possibly

Hmmmmm..... Phone Post 3.0

Blue please :

"Right Hand Man" - TWD

http://youtu.be/_k4gsUmw7lU Phone Post 3.0

Sweet titties.

Bye Abe :( Phone Post 3.0

RIP Rick's right hand

Yay!! Phone Post 3.0

Cautiously optimistic, hopefully this season is awesome, first time watching without cable for me Phone Post 3.0

. Phone Post 3.0