The Wanderers(1979)Full Movie

Wanderers. 1979.

Great movie. That dad was a Fucking BEAST.

Also, solid fat guy performance, up there with Kubiac from Parker Lewis Can't Lose, and Billy Bob from Varsity Blues Phone Post

bump The Wanderers.


Sub Phone Post

Mean fuckin dad Emilio-William Andrews
Dude was a beast! Phone Post 3.0

One of the greatest movies of all time Phone Post

Haven't seen before Phone Post 3.0

Am i missing something? Just see links to misc vids


Elbow tittin champin of the this movie

TTT for the Wanderers! Not enough people know this movie

Leave the kid alone Phone Post

Great movie! Phone Post 3.0

Great movie. I believe it was released around the same time as The Warriors, which may be why this has been so overlooked.

4L8R Phone Post 3.0