The watering down of mma

This weekend at Cullman City Cage Wars in Alabama, a student of mine fought at 155lb against an MMA INSTRUCTOR, the result was less than impressive for the MMA INSTRUCTOR. My fighter won in a little over a minute of continuous pounding, this was one of the worst beatings I have ever seen im ammy. What I am saying is , this guy has an mma school that is huge and has all kinds of nice equipment and a good website, they even had eddie bravo there a few weeks ago, BUT he was fighting a guy that had ONE fight at ammy. The sport is getting watered down with these guys that can afford all the nice equipment and websites but their technique is no where near an accomplished mma instructor, even at the ammy level. MMA sadly is getting just like Karate, everyone knows it and everyone has a black belt or fights. WTF I have been training since 2000 and feel i have just now got some real experience to teach.

i think MMA keeps itself strong with competition. just like wrestling and boxing. you cannot say you are the best because someone better will humiliate you if you are full of shit.anyone that was teaching karate or kung fu, would never compete. so their gimmicks remain unexposed for a long time.hopefully the spirit of competition remains central for MMA and BJJ schools, so people can't confuse real representatives of the sport with some 2-bit con man running a school teaching the 'SUPREME SELF DEFENSE SYSTEM'

Herring In A Fur Coat - Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Why should this not apply to MMA as well?

and no. fighting at an elite level requires athleticism and natural talent, but any legitimate MMA instructor would be way better technician, on the mat and standing, then some kid just starting up in the amateurs

Have you fought?

 There are plenty of guys in every field who can be fantastic teachers but suck at performing.

To me it takes alot of knowledge to be in instructor in MMA because there is soo much involved. MOTHERFUCKER! these guys are fucking up the sport. U train for a year and all of the sudden you are an instructor?

I thought this thread was going to be about Frank Mir and Patrick Cote fighting in title fights.

Yeah that ain't right.

You must fight though to understand what your students may one day experiance so at least this guy did that.

I watch tapout and train ufc!!!!

I got a huge school so i must be a badass!!!