The Weakend and Post Malone....?

Garbage music.

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I checked it out. He should stay in his mediocre lane, he did a lot better job mimicing the not so great vocals of Kurt Cobain . Trying to to emulate the vocals of two of rocks greatest vocalists back to back is great way to reveal your lack of range, tonal control and emotional content.

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Wild West Cowboy GIF by Escape Hunt UK

Saw Posty live. Good dude!

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Wasn’t great either. Let’s be honest.


This song is fucking fire. Rolling on Molly and heading to your side bitches place at 3am bumping this with 12" kicker comps in the trunk is the vibe


He can’t sing for shit. He openly admits it.

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Weekend has some catchy tunes and I like a couple of his videos, this shit looks like a scene from a Batman movie:

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Guntobrain gif*

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That was very well done.

What does he know?

I met post Malone last weekend in Miami. My buddy was talking to him before he was apparently going on stage. I had heard the name but I don’t listen to any pop music and didn’t know what he looked like. He seriously looked like a homeless dude. Anyway, I gave him knuckles and he literally turned around with some handlers and made his way to a stage at the beach. I was like WTF?! that dude is famous? to my friend. I watched less than 2 songs from his set and bounced outta there. I didn’t get it. Pretty crappy but whatever.


Post has some good songs. But more importantly he is a great dude. Always funny to listen to all you crusty boomers talk shit on him.

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I don’t follow his music, but he seems to be a good guy.


Not that familiar with the music.

But it sounds a lot like what they play when you go into The Express.

I don’t listen to anything in autotune.

So it’s an automatic no from me.

I don’t care for his music but I did like his collaboration with Ozzy.

Anytime I hear someone talking about Post Malone they say the same thing, “I don’t listen to his music but I hear he’s a really nice guy!”

That’s not a bad way to be known, imo.


Post Malone is a drug addict phony ass