The weakness in MMA vs street figh

Here's where street fighting could be dangers to an MMA'er. Say your name is Tito and your drunk and u think your about to fight some nobody that cant fight. Actually the guy is damn good striker and can fight MMA, BUT U DONT KNOW IT. You've been working on your striking for a couple of years and u got nice duds on. So as you go running after this bitch thinking "I dont want to get dirty or tear up the knee's on my new pants, so I'll just punch this little F@CKER out". Blame!! Shit happens. Beware in the street guys u never know when you will run into an up and comer.

I do believe Tito can take Murray now that he knows who and what he can do. But he did have to learn the hard way.

She was hot in Basic Instinct

I didnt like it much either

Some women get hotter as they age, you have to admit.

Sigourney Weaver looks good now. She always looked kind me before.

Meg Ryan. And Drea De Matteo. (hamina hamina on the second one.) Don't forget them. Both keep getting hotter and hotter.

Alyssa Milano has been getting progressively better looking.

i liked showgirls though.

what was the name of the brunette in basic instinct? jeanne tripplehorn or something? I actually thought she was hotter than sharon stone in that movie.

she was in waterworld with the postman.

I think this thread got high jacked.

i enjoy a refreshing cold beverage now and then

Milla Jovovich.

one of my students was her neighbor in his midtown apt building before she got married and moved out.

absolutely stunning.

Milla, that is ... not my nieghbor.

I have to be honest. I love the "band camp" chick!

I want to see some titties!

Sharon Stone's hotness clearly peaked with the knife fight scene in Total Recall.

My favorite TV moment with Sharon Stone:
David Letterman interviewed her while leafing through her spread in Playboy.

"Well, there's no question that you're a very attractive woman."


Al Qaeda must be on the UG, cause thats the most successful thread hijacking ive ever seen

Gib = correct
LOL at myself I thought it was actually a good post.

Tit fucking does have its rewards and feels good too.

Pops in "Total Recall", opens fresh can of Skoal Apple Blend

Lol at this thread !