The welterweight division is so incredibly stacked

GSP was arguably my favorite fighter, but him taking time off adds some new excitement to the weight class.

Hendricks, Condit, Lawler, MacDonald, Ellenberger, Maia, Shields, Matt Brown, Kampmann (although I think he's declining), Saffiedine (let's see how he fairs in the UFC), Nick Diaz (if/when he returns), Askren (if he ever comes over), Lombard, Woodley, Stun Gun, Gunnar Nelson (a lot of promise)... and you still have people like Pyle, Story, Marquardt, Pierce, Gastelum, Brandon Thatch...
I just named 22 welterweights. Half of those fighters can beat any of those other fighters on any given night.


No disclaimer after Rory? I'd take Kampmann all day if they fought Phone Post 3.0

It's ALWAYS been the most stacked division in the UFC. That's why we are all going to respect GSP's accomplishments, sooner or later.

I find its the perfect meeting place between speed power and stamina. All of these guys are so well rounded Phone Post

GSP vacating the title is one of the best things that could happen. I did enjoy watching him fight, but now we can see new title fights and new guys fighting for the title.