The Witcher: Monster Slayer - Mobile Game - Official Thread

Note - I am not responsible for you fucking your phone up. This is a pre-release download link. Do your own research.

Game is fun so far. Will be a great time sink for fans of The Witcher.

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Friend code if anyone jumps on.

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I’m a goddamn Witcher nerd. I burned well over 400 hours on 2 playthroughs of The Witcher 3, every minute wife-approved, too.

Can you give us a brief synopsis of the game before I wade into downloading a 3rd party APK?

Guys voice is annoying but I grabbed a random recent video of gameplay.

The in game tutorial is 30 seconds.

I play with AR turned off. It does have a learning curve but so far nothing is locked behind microtransactions. If you block and attack at the right time, craft the correct oils, potions and used the correct gear nothing is crazy hard.

Should drop globally on the 21st.

I downloaded the apk. It appears the file is no longer valid.

Go to the reddit and get it from there. You also need to put the obb file in your obb folder.

Just played the main quest of Witcher 3 again on my week off. What an amazing game. Music, graphics, combat, storyline, it has it all.

So is Pokémon go for Witcher?

Yes but less gay.

Bump. It’s out today. Aside from a fumbled launch due to server maintenance issues, it’s pretty damn cool. It’s The Witcher meets Pokémon Go meets Fruit ninja. Lots of crafting, inventory and skill tree management.

Sent you a friend request, OP.