The Witcher

This show is frickin awesome! Anyone else like this one?


That Henry Cavill kid is probbly going to get to play Superman, Witcher and 007 before he kicks it. He’s one talented motherfucker.

I like him! He does a good job!

It makes more sense if you’re already aware of the story in the books. However, the potential is there to be great.

Meanwhile, I’m keeping busy playing the mobile game with my sons.

I thought the series was crap and nothing like the legendary video games except for the white hair lol


Show is the best thing going right now.

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The series follows the books, set before the games.

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The way episodes jumped around in time was a little confusing, but overall the show was entertaining. Yennifer would get it.


Yes, for the uninitiated, I thought it was way too confusing. There should’ve been a better approach in order to attract a more widespread audience.

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It took me a minute to figure it out but it wasnt real hard to see that its jumping through time. I’m only a few episodes in.

I didnt know there were books or video games. Great show so far!

Is the show still going? I think I watched the first season and then havent heard anything about it since. Also, Henry Cavill still sucks as an actor. I dont give a fuck what role you put him in.

Scroll up.
The Witcher: Season 2 Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Kings isn’t very bright :joy:

Season 2 12/17/21 MOTHER FUCKERS!!!


Whoever decided to use hiphop rap music to background that video deserves to be drug behind a truck, have there sons turn out to be trannies and there daughters turn into blue haired whales.

With that being said fuck yes I have been waiting for season 2.


Yeah…that was a bit too funky…it’s the times. Gotta include them in everything.

Loved the games. The show I nearly bailed as I hated how Triss and Yennifer looked. However I stayed on as Cavill was doing a great job, and the actress that played Yennifer grew on me as she did little things in the role that made her more appealing. I don’t care how great the show is if you have an unattractive Triss and Yennifer, it’s a no go for me.


Great show, really enjoyed it.

Yennifer was hot, I could tell when she was hunchback that she was a looker.

Time jumping was confusing for me too. Took me a while to figure it out because I’m retarded.

Can’t wait for season 2.

yeah, I enjoyed it, was waiting for October to watch as a seasonal entertainment

When does the next season come out? I’ll re up Netflix for that.