"The WOKE-CERSIST" Set To Bomb Hard! The Executive Producer Says It All About Diversity And Inclusion!


Haven’t you heard?

Barbie made $1 billion.

This means every woke movie that ever bombs gets a pass.

Or something.

Signed - Leftist logic


From comments…

Annnnnddddddddd, there it is… the talk about how one of this movie’s main selling points is representation and diversity, straight from the executive producer’s mouth. They know that they’ve got a stinker on their hands and so they are sowing the seeds to be able to blame bigotry for the inevitable critical backlash when the movie releases.

“Don’t like the movie?” BIGOTRY!

“The movie bombed at the box office?” BIGOTRY!

It’s become such a tiresomely predictable PR exercise


It’s because people are tired of shitty reboots and remakes that nobody asked for. If it was an interesting or original idea then it doesn’t matter who is cast or why. If a movie is good, it’s good. If it is an awful idea then it bombs. Just look at the Ben Hur remake a few years ago. It bombed hard.


Remakes when done well people love and they do big numbers…

They just need to do it well.

Quoting this for when you inevitably try to later claim it bombed because it was “woke” and not because it’s a “stinker”.

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It can be a stinker because it’s woke.


Most remakes are shit. I can think of very few that were equal to or surpassed the original.


I’m just thinking last few years… and being a bit more of a sci Fi fan… both dune and blade runner 2049 (I know technically a sequel not a remake) were both possibly the best movie of the year.


This was a YouTube comment, not a Cami comment. Reading comprehension. God you’re slow.


I don’t consider the new Dune a remake. Making it in the 80s originally was such a daunting task that they didn’t have the technology to make it properly. It was very underappreciated and ahead of its time but it was frustrating because if you knew anything about the source material, you knew there was just a lot of limitations.

Off the top of my head Ocean’s 11 and Gone in 60 Seconds were two really good remakes. Technically Fast and Furious was a remake/retelling of Point Break and even though the series has become increasingly implausible, it has been financially successful.


Dawn of the Dead remake was great and a lot of people think it was better than the original. The original happens to be my GOAT.

The Thing
The Fly
Cape Fear

Just to name a few.


Oh so he decided to make a post that was just a quote of a comment that he didn’t agree with. Got it. Makes perfect sense!

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Gordon Ramsay Facepalm GIF by Masterchef


Anyone with a functioning brain over 40 knows full well that racial representation in film(while entirely unimportant) has been in place for our entire lives.

There was no problem to correct. Some of film’s biggest badasses were black and brown.

But the whole idea is still pathetic to its core. If you feel the need to attain self-validation through Hollywood, your mind is wired incorrectly.

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Lol Hollywood is 80% gays and Jews. I’m not complaining it doesn’t bother me but lol @ trying to say straight white men are overrepresented.

“woke” and “stinker” are mutually exclusive ?

that’s news to me

Did somebody say that?

Can’t forget Scarface. Of course that would be boycotted today with a white man playing a Cuban


As a big fan of Blade Runner, I found Blade Runner 2049 tedious and boring.