the woman ref

u got to be kidding me ? that was the worst job of officiating a fight Ive ever seen It was also the biggest mismatch Ive ever seen The ref should have relized this and stopped the fight in the first round

Shut the fuck up.

If it was man you wouldnt have wanted it stopped.

id have stopped it way earlier man or woman is was obvious to anyone with a brain it was a pathetic mismatch

Should have been stopped WAY earlier.

Asking Cyborg if she wanted her to get up was fucking retarded too, and something the ref should NEVER do.

i didnt have a problem with the stoppage, but i felt like she was too involved in the action

you cant just take a point away for one back of head punch when the opponent is turtling up.

and i forgot the other thing -- too many standups

i caught her asking Cyborg that a few times and was like wtf why doesnt she ask her if she wants a coke to go with that.I get it Woman fight/woman ref But she let the fighter take a horrible beating

MattBenwa - Should have been stopped WAY earlier.

Asking Cyborg if she wanted her to get up was fucking retarded too, and something the ref should NEVER do.

yeah that was retarded -- cyborg may not even understand english

 Do you want her up?  

also the point takin away was rediculous The girl was turtling face down

Think they were trying to be cute, having two women fighting with a woman reffing...

Still though, that was a pathetic attempt at officiating.

Did you see when she stopped cyborg? It looked like she thought she was sticking her hand in a pile of fire ants...

And i need not mention the "2-shots-to-the-back-of-the-head-immediate-point-deduction-without-a-warning" beauty call.

she's a good ref. no major mistakes yet.

she also looked scared shit

It's not the refs job to decide the fights a mismatch and then end it early. As far as refs are concerned, the athletes are equally good hence they're fighting and they only stop the fights when one is done.

Point deduction was fair, Cyborg got warnings and did it multiple times and they were hard shots. The standup was definitely way too quick.

Credit to Finney, she hung in there and came out swinging in the 2nd.

ref is supposed to protect the fighters She let that girl take a beating when it was obvious she had no chance.Also please dont say it wasnt obvious After the first 20 seconds Id have bet all my money on Cyborg and given 100-1 odds

Crap reffing of the highest order. Jan took a fucking unnecessary beating, the stupid stand ups, etc I got the impression Winslow was trying to prove a point that women are as tough as the guys. Cuddles is a tough fucker not doubt but there' no need for her to take that many shots.

I saw Winslow reffing a heavy weight match recently and thought 'How the fuck is she going to stop the fight if one of them tees off on the other after knocking him out?' I don't have anything against female refs I just think heavyweight fights should have heavyweight refs.

Amazing mismatch. She never had a chance. Fight should have been stopped way earlier when she was simply turtling up and crawling around on the floor.
She isn't going to be looking too pretty for a few weeks.

 Do you want her up?

I watched the fight online from the ref cam and afterwards Jimmy Lennon, Jr. had to explain to her the difference between a TKO and KO.

 She is the worst........she's got to go!

That was bad. I just watched the fight and was screaming at my TV to 'Stop the fight already!' How long did the other chick need turtle for?