The word of God

Wow, I learn something new everyday.

We always hear reference to “The word of God.” Why is it always described singularly and not plural? After all, the bible contains many “words” of God—right?

I just found out the answer today as I was doing some important religious research while at work. (Um..on a break that is)

Hebrew religious tradition is that the Torah was originally given by God as a single string of 304,805 Hebrew characters. The spaces, punctuation and division into the 5 books of the Pentateuch happened later by Hebrew scribes.

So, the Jews considered literally that God delivered his “word” to Moses—that is a single word.

I find it Interesting that Christians refer to the Bible as “God’s word” or as “The word of God”, but have not knowledge of the meaning of that phrase.

I myself didn’t even know that little tidbit of information.

So now we know, God isn’t long-winded at all. He spoke a single word. A single, 304,805 character word!

lol at bringing trinity into it...

 the greek word logos, can be a word, a set of teachings, etc. It has multiple usages. Yes , jesus is identified as the Word or message of God. Do you want me to pull out thayers greek lexicon for you ?

Your Conscience - For example, Christians know that 3 equals 1.

3 does equal one


The Torah is the sometimes called the Word of G-d, the Tanach is not.

I am going to try and find more information about this. From what I understand so far, this is Hebrew tradition about the one word. Of course, traditions can be hard to validate historically, but i think it merits some further study.

I don't know why, but I'm finding this too curious or interesting. I study and read alot on religious history etc., but for some reason this idea that God delivered one single, 308 thousand letter word has got me wanting to look into this particular angle even more.

There are some Midrashic and Talmudic stories about this. I think pre-Lurianic Kabbalah also amkes refrence to this but its been years since I thought about Kabbalah seriously.

 very interesting.