The world needs more people like..

.... Nick Diaz.


How so?

I don't know if Nick Diaz is a hero, but there is one thing I am sure of, he ain't no bitch.

So many reasons: too many to list but here are the main few.

  • His shit talking
  • His pre-fight interviews
  • His taunting of his opponents
  • His GQ fibering his hair in the jumbo tron after
    his fight.
  • His detailed analysis of fight mode vs. market mode

im a huge diaz fan

but one thing is sure

hes often imitated but never duplicated

one ofa kind real deal holyfield

well said

Diaz has that certain personality that connects with the masses.

Rampage has it, Mayhem has it....but very few others. Brad Blackburn
displayed a bit of it at Friday night's IFL.

Why do you think so many connect with Diaz DJ?


Nick seems to be a guy who always underachieves, why do you think this is and why do you think he's a magnet for underachievers?

Jope, are you meaning over-acheivers?


Magnet for underachievers? Maybe people who are fans of his are so because he is a good fighter with a good personality. Maybe you are just labeling people to make you feel better about your own underachieving insecurities. Who knows, I don't know you, I don't know him, and I don't know his fans. So I won't be as brass to make stupid claims.

Any one else, why do you think fans are drawn to Nick Diaz?

im a fan bc of the way he fights

he strikes moving forward against strikers

hes offensive from ontop and off his back

he brings the fight the entire time with skill talent and cardio'

and his attitude twoard his opponents is entertaining

"Why do you think so many connect with Diaz DJ?"

Don't confuse it with 'relating' to him. It's just that he's still a very real
kid, not some faux-gracious stooge.

The guy fought his first fight in pride and submitted the #1 lightweight in the world. This guy deserves some respect, and he deserves a magazine cover!!!

I like him cos he's real. I just get sick of your Couture like cookie-cutter bs.

I can imagine partying with Nick would be good fun.

The world already has more people like Nick Diaz... he's called Nate Diaz.