The Young Ones (MTV)

Watched this late night Sundays on MTV when i should have been in bed. Anyone watch this? First time seeing Motorhead, still quote it here and there. Theres some on YouTube and i noticed a certain actor! Can you guess?


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I was really young when it was on, but I loved it.  Although most of the jokes were probably over my head. I thought Neil was hilarious. 

Alltime great comedy show, but some of the humour wouldn't translate well and it references a lot of obscure early 80s local pop culture and advertising that makes no sense out of context.

I've got the DVD set somewhere. Haven't watched it in about 15 years. 

The showrunners learned that they would get more funding if the Young Ones was a 'variety' show, so they included a (brief) music act in every episode. Featuring some surprisingly high end acts...


Motorhead on the Young Ones - YouTube


Madness - Our House (on the Young Ones). - YouTube

Neneh Cherry

The Young Ones H/Q...Rip, Rig & Panic ( Interesting ) - YouTube

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Rick to Suggs from Madness

"Do you know Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard?"

Suggs : " You hum it, and I'll smash ya face in"

Ill have to look up how many total episodes there were, but it wasnt that many, because I watched some of them at LEAST 3 times. 

Looked it up. A grand total of 12 episodes, no wonder.


What is the scene where Rick is arguing with a lady at what he thinks is the post office?  Maybe he thinks he is at the power company?

Rick was a proto-SJW

The Young Ones: The Peoples Poet - YouTube

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That's how I found Alexi sayle


Love it!

"Bottom" that Rik Mayall and Ade Edmonson did was awesome as well. Same style. 

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I've watched every one back in the day.

In the still shot in the video i posted bottom left is Hugh Laurie, aka House! Lol

loved this show,


RIP Rick Mayall

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Braf Zachland - 

In the still shot in the video i posted bottom left is Hugh Laurie, aka House! Lol

…and Emma Thompson.

Did you guys ever see the movie Drop Dead Fred with Rik?

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