The Zombie Apocalypse Is Here Now....

And they look like this:

I nearly kill several everyday with my car on my way to work.

It is getting to the point where is may be impossible to avoid them.

hear ya, dude, but don't kill the first kid in the third pic.  we're gonna need his fashion sense when shit goes tits up.

I see them more as part of the Star Trek Borg hive mind than zombies.

Ask any of these people what they think or know on any subject and they'll ask for a second to google it.


Ok grandpa 


GnP Sonnen -

Ok grandpa 



Every walking texter who I honk at when they wander in front of my car during a Don't Walk signal gets mad at me like I did something horrible. I've never gotten an apology wave or sheepish shrug of the shoulders. Always annoyed attitude to open hostility. 


I feel like I should be able give them a mild tap with my bumper. Not fatally run them over, just a nudge... maybe a broken leg. It would be a good learning experience. 

Nearly killed  three this morning during my commute.  I took pity on them and spared them.

Idiots... zombie fucking idiots