The Zone Diet?

What exactly is the Zone Diet? Has anyone used this diet and gotten good results?

Excellent guidelines for a healthy diet. Get the book, read it, apply it. I maintain a vegetarian diet and the Zone has helped me tremendously. It explains the biochemical reasons that we can inhibit our own progress. Highly recommended! Aloha

I saw a bit on it on the SBGi website. Why does it regard glycemic index to be important? Every dietitian I've spoken to tells me that there is no good research to indicate that glycemic index matters all that much for normal people/athletes (as opposed to those with medical conditions like diabetes or hypothyroid). I buy the idea of wet carbs and dry carbs as broad categories (not eating a lot of starchy stuff) but I think what matters is nutrient density, not glycemic index. For instance, I'm all for fruit and carrots. If a person really believed that you should be going for low glycemic carbs they would moderate their intake of these, since they are high glycemic.

Could anyone comment on this?

Not all fruits are high glycemic.

U should go to Raymond Floro's QnA forum under Experts. He is a super dietician/nutritionalist and could tell u a heap about being in phenomenal athletic shape.

If you eat or drink something with a high glycemic index, your body will rapidly turn the food into sugar which raises your insulin and shuts down the fat burning process. High insulin response, none or very little fat-burning. High insulin enhances fat storage pathways.

Fruit JUICE usually has a high gylcemic index, but eating the fruit will mean that you simultaneously ingest the fiber which slows the absorbtion of sugar into the bloodstream, thus inhibiting the insulin response.

I highly recommend this method. Simple concept, easy to apply. That is the sign of a great technique!

Thanks for the info. I'll follow this up more later.

So is this strictly based on the assumption that fat-burning is a concern?

It is a very healthy, balanced diet as well.

Burton, does this refer to the diet on the SBG site? Because it basically says a vegetarian/vegan diet is insufficeint (can't be recommnded) for an athlete - this is simply 100% inaccuarte, as many (or quite a few) athletes maintain healthy vegan/vegetarian diets, plus there is a wealth of information to show the diets, when eaten "correctly" liek any other diet, are perfectly healthy for all.

I even mailed SBG about it, but I'm glad to here of yet another person, Burton, who maintains a healthy vegetarian diet and is also a "good"/"regular" athlete. :)

Just out of curiosity, can you guy's name a few of these "many (or quite a few)" athletes and in what combat sport they participate?

I haven't met any that weren't constantly injured or too banged up to compete.


team quest seems to advocate a vegan diet.

seems crazy to me, but ...

The only vegan fighter I know of right now is Keith Holmes the former WBC middleweight champion who does not eat animal products for religious reasons. Eder Jofre, the great Brazilian fighter, was a vegetarian.
Those are the only two boxers I have heard of.


Dave Scott, the 6 or 7 time Ironman Champion, is vegetarian. Carl Lewis is vegetarian, but eats lots of egg whites. There are many examples. The truth is that most vegetarians that I know are not very healthy because they do not get a balanced diet. They eat things like beans and rice to get protein, but they get minute amounts per day. I supplement my veggie dogs, burgers, and other "meat" substitutes with protein shakes. I get plenty of protein. There was a time when I didn't supplement and I too was prone to injury. Not so anymore. It is clear that our bodies can function very well for quite a while on a meat-based diet (it takes years for the cholesterol to build up and the colon to putrify), but it is also clear that our bodies were designed to handle a vegetarian diet. It has also been proven that cardiovasucular endurance is greatly enhanced with a vegetable based diet. I am very happy with my diet. I love to eat, and am totally satisfied with the wide variety of foods I get to consume. Also glad that I don't know what heart burn or acid reflux is. Aloha!

Yes Sharp, and most of the world's meat eaters are unhealthy (simple fact) - look at the state of overweight people in the US, UK and the rate of heart diseae and how it seems to frequently correlate to the amount of animal fact consumed. A MAJORITY are overweight, and as a MAJORITY are meat-eaters...? Correct me if I'm wrong, I know this is a little OT. :)

Anyway - Paul Sharp - constantly banged up? There are many meat eaters who are constantly "banged up" too, I don't seem how that sentences says anything bad for the vegan diet, especially as you haven't given an example either.

Let me start of by saying there is a wealth of evidence to show that the vegan diet is healthy, and especially when eaten properly like any other diet. It's constantly considered to be, nutrionally, one of the best, most healthy diets you can have by nutritionists and doctors. Nutritionists "clear" it has a healthy diet. I can get you a lot more information from unbais sources about how healty it is, if you would like? You can even look it up in your average nutrition or biology text book. There should be something in there about how it's perfectly healthy.

Ok 1)Tim Lacjik, he's been hurt, but then he's been wrestling for ages and he's good at it too. He's also competed in MMA quite a few times. A heavyweight. Vegan his entire life.

2) Mike Mahler - not only is he an athlete, he is a streghth trainer (I consider him to be an athlete, especially considering the type of weight training he does), not really a bodybulder but somebody who trains for strenghth, he trains MMAists too I believe. He's been a vegan for over ten years.

3)Antonio McKee is a vegetarian last I heard, Im not sure if he is a vegan or not.

4) I've heard, on this forum, that Wallid Ismal is a vegan (i wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't though.)

5)"Burton" above is a vegetarian.

More Vegans:

Sally Eastall, marathon runner
Keith Holmes, former world champion middleweight boxer .
Carl Lewis, winner of nine Olympic Gold Medals and one of the greatest athletes of the twentieth century
Martina Navratilova, champion tennis player - one of the most successful tennis players in history
Dave Scott, six-time Ironman Champion and first inductee into the Ironman Hall of Fame
Lucy Stephens, triathlete.

Don't you see that these people alone, by maintaining a vegan diet PROVE, not just show evidence, that it's a healthy diet for ahthletes' let alone the average person? How could they function on a poor diet? The fact is they couldn't, no matter how much you you try to show this isn't the case, they'll be doing what they do as Vegans, perfectly healthy people, disproving (not just showing evdience for) people who say the diet isn't healthy. Let me just reiterate how nutritionists the world over should be able to tell you that a proper Vegan diet, like any other proper diet, is perfectly healthy.

"The only vegan fighter I know of right now is Keith Holmes the former WBC middleweight champion who does not eat animal products for religious reasons"
- Well that shows that it's a healthy diet. "Only" has nothing to do with it. He is a vegan and an ex-champion, a good boxer. The "religious reasons" would be because he doesn't like the fact that non-human animals are harmed in they way they are I should think.

Burton, Karl Lewis is a vegan apparently...

"team quest seems to advocate a vegan diet.
seems crazy to me, but ... "

Seems crazy but it's 100% logical, a scientifcally healthy diet, and a scientifically logical diet (not just for animal welfare, but for Enviromental and Resource use reasosns.) Thanks for saying that btw, it's great to hear that such an excellent MMA team recommend the Vegan diet.

There is almost 100% no need for supplments in the diet (*B12 needs to be supplmented, but that's in about every "vegan" spread and most popular soya milks, the body contains stores of it for years and only a very small amount per day is needed.) You can easily get all the nutrition your body needs and more from a vegan diet. However look at how many meat-eaters etc. take supplments anyway, it's not necessarily a "bad thing" in terms of what your diet can provide.

People are just uneducated, but it really does sound ignorant when they don't realize that the vegan/vegetarian diet is perfectly healthy, no direspect to anyone, and I'm used to people not understanding that the diet is 100% (or has healthy has any good diet can be) healthy.

Love what you are doing for MA/MMA Paul Sharp and Burton, keep teaching the word of "aliveness" etc. :)

That slight piece of information on your site is wrong though; about the vegertarian/vegan diet. I'm prepared to argue that *fact* for a while.

It was a simple question dude.

"That slight piece of information on your site is wrong though; about the vegertarian/vegan diet. I'm prepared to argue that *fact* for a while."

Argue all you want, but get your shit straight, there is nothing on my website concerning diet. Its also a *fact* that there are contradictory sources all found within science regarding diet.

Regarding Quest, what appears and what is, are 2 different things in this case. Talk to Follis for yourself if you're really interested.

Thanks for your answer Burton. I'm mainly, actually, I'm only interested in the results as it applies to combat sports. I don't know of anyone that rolls or bangs that has stuck with a vegatarian diet. They always end up introducing some type of animal product, ie; eggs, milk, fish etc.

The guy's in my gym do a variety of things but only one is a vegetarian and has been for about 20 years. Of all the guy's in the gym, he is hurt and sick the most. Obviously, that is one person, but its the only one we see on a regular basis, or should I say, on a regular basis when he isn't hurt. Other guy's have tried it, but didn't stay with it, as I stated above. I work with a guy that runs marathons, including the Chicago marathon, he is a vegetarian, but again, thats not exactly a combative sport. Hard, yes, but nobody is getting punched in the face and dumped on their head while participating, if they are, its not an acceptable part of the sport.

"The "religious reasons" would be because he doesn't like the fact that non-human animals are harmed in they way they are I should think."

He is a black Israelite? or black Hebrew? or something. They follow the teachings of the Old Testament and adhere to a vegan diet. I am not too familiar with his faith's ideology so I cant speculate.