TheGARV and Tara Larosa Talk UG

 Famed UGer Tara Larosa was at BCX 4 on Friday.  She's cool as hell.  Here's a little clip of us talking about what she's got coming up and also about the UG.

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ttt for LaRaza!

 Maybe we should have shouted out Sherdog?


For later

 She can kick the crap outta me anytime she wants.

Nice. Always good to see the two of you!! .... was that a hint to be put in a triangle? Sorry it didn't work for you bro!

Hey, I took a shot, lol

ttt later

ttt for the Garv!

 for later

 She's almost as tall as you


 ttt 4 tara and the garv

I love Tara! Thanks for sharing the video Crazy Zimmerman :)

 lol ^

 Greattt job The Garv there ;-)