TheGARV on Kimbo vs Mercer

Here's some more hardhitting, in depth analysis of the upcoming Kimbo vs Ray Mercer fight.

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He talks a lot about a bunch of guys going into his closet...

All day strength for the win....

he beat him so bad, he got aids

Garv's aight !

lol@ the whole room of doom stuff. Best Garv rant ever.

The Garv is so ugly, he's beauitiful.

lol another great one garv good job


The garv, always good for a laugh.

...."He beat him so bad....(AIDS) It went away"....LMFAO!

ttt for Garv, the UG mascot

2 men enter the room of doom, 1 exits, 2 men go in with a stretcher, 3 come out, but only 2 of them are breathing

I think you're underestimating all-day strength.

lol - another winning performance by the garv.q

"The Garv is so ugly, he's beauitiful."


cz, the garv needs to come to the next nyc underground show and do a review.

Sioux, that's not a bad idea at all. Please shoot me an email with the date.


that is great stuff,