TheGARV's UFC 66 Predictions (Vid)

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dude I love that fucking guy, pretty fucking funny.

lol @ "I don't want to see a metrosexual fighter, especially when he is on queer street"

Funny shit! Love it, hahahahaha

That was surprisingly good! Funny guy.


This vid earned me some death threats. One guy wants to smash my face with a hammer, another says he will take a swing at me if ever sees me on the street. A few want me to die a slow, painful death.

Wtf? LOL

is that you Zimmerman? If so good shit mang. I love the Pe De Pano as a feather bit lol

Yeah, that's me. I think maybe I was too obnoxious this time, lol

Andrew "Dice" Garv, lol.

lol good shit just watched again. The Forrest Griffin fight commentary was classic. I thought for a second it was gonna be one of those lame prediction videos but it is the only one that had content that was actually good, and funny. Rather than laughing at you like the others who make these videos, I was laughing at the things you said. Good stuff.

Strong Island is correct, Nassau. After my other vid, somebody said I sounded like Nick Serra's uncle, lol

TW, thanks bro. A lot of Youtube expert commentators take themselves way to seriously, I'm just having fun.

I pissed off some Forrest fans, even though I picked him to win.

That is some of the funniest shit I've seen in a while. Good stuff man. Anyone that gets pissed at that is an idiot with no sense of humor.


"Suffolk county here, exit 58 holler back"

damn, you're out there

It would be odd if CZ, became more popular on the UG than the OG.

Good job. I look forward to your new commentaries. The Arlovski bit was funny. I have to disagree on your Liddel/Tito pick. I think that Chuck's heart is broken and he will not have trained properly for this fight. Tito on the other hand, is in love and on top of the world.

Hahahah, quality stuff keep 'em comin

Great stuff CZ, myspace page??



"Great stuff CZ, myspace page??"

Yeah, but I don't ever visit it much. My vids get way more hits on youtube.