Theory why Thor is with Ironman

It's hard to imagine why Thor would attack Cap and side with Ironman in Civil War. I'm going to theorize that Donald Blake had family that was killed in Concord and that's when he decided to go get his hammer and make sure that heroes would finally be regulated.

The guy who picked up the hammer in Fantastic Four had the initials D.B. so we can assume it's Donald Blake. I don't really know how Thor and Blake were seperated but maybe Blake became his own person with the ability to lift the hammer but never having the deisre because there was a real Thor.

whoa hold up just one minute. Please explain to the non Thor reading geeks

A long time ago Odin was pisse at Thor and made him live on earth as mortal Donald Blake. His walked with a cain that he could turn into his hammer and then into Thor. At some point this ended and Thor was Thor at all times, not sure what happened to Donald Blake. Last year during Ragnarok Thor and the rest of Asguard were appearantly killed. A few months ago Thor's hammer dropped to earth. No one could lift it until someone with the initials D.B. went to the site and lifted it causing a huge blast to occure. Then Thor showed up on the last page of Civil War #3 and attacked Captain America's rebel group. It seems quite out of character for Thor to ever attack Cap.

Ok so Donald Blake was the "Dr." that Thor was. So when he died in Ragnarok he escaped to his human form? Only to be rebornw when D.B. picked up the hammer?

One it's way from Ragnarok to earth the hammer cut through the deminsion (hell) that Reed had banished Doom to. Doom followed it back to earth and tried to claim it for himself but was unable to lift it. Then thousdands of people came and tried to lift it but couldn't. Then someone came and he had the initials D.B. on his hand bag or something and he lifted the hammer. I have no idea what happened to Donald Blake after Thor became his own being.

I remember reading an old thor comic which said Donald Blake was a real person who Odin modeled Thor's human vessell on. In one issue Thor finds Blake trapped in a cave like the one where he first became thor, stuck in the same pose he had when he first banged his cane and transformed into Thor.

So as far as i know Don Blake was a real person who happened to have his likeness and life stolen by Odin.

Anyone else have any theories on why Thor might be against Cap? Or why the hell he'd kill Falcon/Herc

Jigga says what?? Thor killed Hercules?? MM, when'd this happen??

It's a prediction. Thor is going to kill someone in Civil War #4 out Sept. 20th. I think it's going to be either the Falcon or Hercules. I've even had a sinking feeling it would be Cap but I don't think so.

it's hercules...ares is taking his place on the avengers...

very interesting......

Everybody is missing the obvious reason.  Stark has compromising photos of Thor and Lockjaw.

I say Falcon or Black Goliath. Herc is still alive in Deadpool/ Cable issue which supposedly occurs after the events of Civil War #3-#4. Cap is also in that issue and has that whole beaten up look. Civil War isn't real 616 Marvel bust bastardized Ultimate versions...

LMAO @ 'black' goliath. Just needed that oh-so-subtle identifier.

I think you have your Cable and Deadpool issues mixed up. Cable comes in and tells Deadpool (while Deadpool is all tied up after trying to fight all the heroes) that Thor just killed a man and no other heroes are shown for the rest of the issue...if I remember correctly.

if this db guy is thor why wouldnt he just call his hammer and have it fly back to him rather than going to get it himself? whenever i have seen thor without his hammer, its always been the hammer coming back to thor, not thor going to the hammer

If Blake is away from the hammer for more than one minute he turns back from Thor to a regular human. Infinity Gauntlet #4 is a perfect example of this. Thanos teleports the hammer away from Thor and he turns into Blake after a minute. So I guess Donald Blake had been living life as a regular man until he heard that the hammer had landed and he went and got it.

yeah i remember that now that you mention it. now that i think about it tho that would really be a pain in the ass. carrying the hammer around with you while taking a dump or a shower or boning a hot asgardian chick? would suck

When he's human he can turn it into a cain. I'm sure that there is some vicinity thing, like ten feet or whatever but I don't know.