Theory why Thor is with Ironman

Wasn't "Goliath" originally called Black Goliath? I think Black Goliath is a more badass name in general. Thats what I read about in the whole Cable/ Deadpool thing. I honestly can't see Hercules being killed for sure b/c he's a true Immortal and he'd have to be atomized according to the MU handbook for him to die and I think Thor would have a hard time doing that.

Well, Blake is still worthy of holding the hammer. Anyone who is worthy gains the powers of Thor right?

I think he said 'you're all going down'

FALCON: "Fall back and regroup! We've got to get out of here or we're all going down!"

THOR: "You ARE all going down!"

BTW, I don't see anyway Cap and Co. and win the battle if Thor, Sentry, Ironman and Reed are against them. Even if Hulk showed up it wouldn't matter. Cable and Herc are the only powerhouses on Cap's side and they're not powerful enough.

i'm not sure cable is going to fight with Cap but he's offered him haven in Providence(?).

Cable is with Cap. In Cable and Deadpool he offered him sanctuary when Cap declined Cable joined forces with him. He gets a suprising amount of 'screentime' in Civil War.

Well he wants to work w/ the X-Team, but he can't just come in and say, " I 'm going to lead you as well !" I'm sure he'll have his moments, and likely won't be in X-Men for too long.

This is weird, but I'm actually starting to like his character. Weird.

Despite having the most combat experience (from the future), a leader has to inspire trust, and Cable may not be able to do that with the X-people.

gortiz is correct as well as knee.

cable won't be on an x-team for long. maybe just during this writer's run. Isn't he on adjectiveless? Because Uncanny is Brubaker and they're out in space (Havok's team).

NRAMA: You told us a few months back that one of the things you wanted to see in a Thor revival was a new take on Asgard and Asgardians. Does JMS?s new series fit that criteria?

JQ: [Laughs!] Oh yeah, and while he?s(JMS) reinterpreting the character and his universe, he?s also taking him back to basics as evidenced by the man who gets the hammer.

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