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So I just recently started residency. I had worked at the VA is a medical student, but I was usually not given the patients that were more social work and placement issues. It really takes a toll on the veterans, and I'm going to work with one of the attendings to propose animal therapy for medically stable patients. We wouldn't want them on the ward, of course, due to so many patients being very ill, but I think it would be feasible to have a small animal therapy room near the in-house PT center.

I'm currently looking up the research to give some scientific backing to my assumption that will benefit the patient's mental health, but of course everything comes down to money. I'm interested in costs, time of training, access and how getting a therapy dog at the hospital might work. I have other sources, but figured I'd reach out to the OG as well to see who knows what.

There's a good chance this will get rejected as useless waste of money, but I'd rather try and fail than give up from the start. Thanks ahead of time for any help. Phone Post 3.0

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Therapy dogs are simply well trained and well behaved dogs that the dog's owner/handler volunteers at different places to provide comfort and therapy to people who could benefit from it.   

They shouldn't cost you any money since the handler/dog teams are usually volunteers.  

It's different if you want a full time dog owned by the facility.  Then you will either need someone inhouse to train it or you'll have to hire an outside trainer.  

But all they need to be trained to do is basic obedience, some advance obedience, and have a good temperament.  

There are also plenty of therapy dog organizations you can contact who may be able to help you get a program going at your facility.