TheRaskal; a testimonial

Yes! I always knew @Captain_Kaboom was a man of great taste and overloaded with masculinity.

Welcome to the fan club CK!

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if a gentleman makes a difference in the life of one fellow man, then his life mattered.

Kirik_Jr has done me a great honor…he made my life matter!

of course “It Takes a Village” and I know how proud Kirik_Sr is of Jr and how much Jr admires and respects Sr

…and Kirik_Jr, I hope you it’s BOAR’S HEAD Bologna, I know Sr is a Man of CLASS and would approve of nothing less and wouldn’t want you polluting your body with some LOWbred cut!

…and if it’s the “cheap stuff” I won’t tell but do try to do this small upgrade, I’m sure it will do wonders for improving your position!

Raskal are you pumped for UFC 262? I didn’t realize it until I looked at the card earlier but that is a stacked PPV! Hell I might even buy this one fair and square.

oh, I usually catch whatever pops-up on the youtube if it looks to be a rousing affair. If there is some chap creating a buzz then eventually I’ll probably take notice of it being the talk of the town and see what all the fuss is about on the youtube where I don’t have to pay a spendy portion of earnings which can be invested to improve my social-standing

@raskal you can usually watch about any fight live on FB. Theres always goons on there broadcasting the fights on FB live lol.

Pro tip: watch it on mute. Just trust me.

another SMART post by Kirik_Jr , such a brilliant fellow!

What’s up? I’m not into this new app very much.

It’s obvious you’ve lost your freaking mind by creating this thread. Rascal is a dipshit and a horrible troll

Anyways hope you’re doing well.

Well I’ll be damned. I thought JB had went soft in his old age. But I’m starting to see some of that fire that you’re renowned for lol

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welcome to the Life of the FINER Things…cheers Ol’ Boy!

Well this definitely turned into the faggot thread to end all faggot threads…

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Mods please move to homoground.

Rhino, I respect raskal because he can keep his dirtbikes upright. Unlike some folks.

I can lap you with no arms…

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