There are threads where sh*t goes down, but you wo

Many of you don't even know about the thread that was just removed.


Some bullshit was going down and it got removed before you could witness it.


Just how many threads like that have you missed and never knew it?

Mihow - is this about Jason posting his cock?



The thread was deleted just as the twist was revealed: It was Jason's boyfriend that was posting the pictures after Jason left his browser open.


I'm sure this thread will get deleted right after I post this.

A god damn lot because I always miss all this kinda shit! =( Phone Post 3.0

Damn this app needs push notifications when shit goes down Phone Post 3.0

Jason? red name Jason?

Red name jason? Ohhhhh shit son! Phone Post 3.0

mmmmm dick pics

fuck I miss almost all the good shit.

I only got to see a couple of stevew's poop threads.


Moved to what if real quick

this is bullshit