there comes a thread every now-n-a-while...


care of everyone's favorite (WTF) sistersteel

MInd Bottling

lol.... OG legend MR BIG1 the other day said " I like when she dresses up like she is a girl"

i like her.

she belongs on the OG.

"MissRARA..tell me sweetie, how many times do you tan a week? Serious question. Have you ever fallen asleep in the tanning bed? And if not, have you ever pleasured yourself in there while hot sweat drizzled down your thighs and moistened the tight budding tulip between those slender twigs? I love touching myself when I tan while I marinate in my all natural blend of sweat and love juice with a touch of lotion. ESPECIALLY when i am riding that very fine line between tan and burn.

I will finger fuck the shit out of myself in a tanning bed. Oh yeah. You and me in one tanning bed is double the climax of a scorching orgasm.

You down? " -SS


^^^^^ I was JUST about to post this!! Hahahahaha!!