There is a world before 2007 and a world after 2007

I was watching Mayweather vs De La Hoya which was in 2007. Bob Sheridan, the legendary boxing commentator was giving an overview of the crowd and referred to Jim Carrey’s girlfriend as “his squeeze”.

It suddenly struck me. Can you imagine if he had done that today? He’d be done!

Then there were these movie celebrities. And I felt like they were showing relics of the past. I kept thinking how irrelevant they were.

I realized how much has changed since 2007. Since the iPhone got introduced and completely changed the world.

Let me list some of the changes:

The Internet - Remember ADSL? T1 line? If you had a T1 line you were the big shot! Since 2007 we got 3G, 4G then 5G. Now Satellite Internet is taking off. Nobody used Internet on their phones in 2007. It was still sci-fi. Nokia was still the top brand.

Navigation - I was blown away when I tried satellite navigation for the first time on my Nokia N73. I could not believe this thing was telling me exactly where to turn. N73 did not have GPS, I had to buy an external receiver and pair it through Bluetooth and then used TomTom maps, which was the coolest shit around. Before that I had to use paper maps, remember those? Since 2007, not only did GPS get upgraded (still in progress), but in that time we got GLONASS (Russian), Galileo (Europe), BeiDou (China). In 2007 you could get lost, today you can’t.

Downloading - I used to be the pirate on the network, downloading shit through Kazaa, Emule, using 25-30GBs a month!! Can you imagine that? I was an ISP’s nightmare. Nowadays your average family of three-four uses an insane amount of data! YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Hulu, Xbox/PS downloads and updates, streaming video, video calls, audio calls, etc. Now I’m an average user, maybe even below average.

Video technologies - In 2007, 720p was the shit! Now we’ve got 8K!

The apps and the services - Completely changed the society. This changed the society so much and in such a short time. It did so much damage! All these movements, and social trends. All of those got enabled because of technology, the Internet and mobile phones.

Celebrities became irrelevant! It used to that a Hollywood celebrity was the pinnacle of stardom. As evidenced from that Mayweather-De La Hoya fight.

Now, we’ve got YouTubers, Twitch stars, OnlyFans stars, Instagram influencers. Online personalities and influencers took over celebrities made them completely irrelevant. Now it’s the celebrities who are trying to be cool and do social media, but it’s clear that they’re outdated.

Dating has changed. The power dynamic between men and women has changed completely due to dating apps.

Doing business has changed. People do business from home, never having met their partners or customers. It’s really incredible!

Meeting people changed.

Communication has changed. Nobody is out of reach. The only way people are out of reach is “Will this person accept my request” that’s it. Otherwise there is nothing preventing somebody connecting to anybody on the planet.

The social changes that have happened is probably the biggest, quickest change that has ever happened to the world. It’s amazing observing mass hysteria and trends waving through the whole world.

Sports have changed. You can’t just be good. You have to be “social media good”. Have Twitter, market yourself. It has never more about the “self”.

Even the way we get food has changed. Hungry? Fire up an app and order something.

Obviously the way we work has changed.

In only 14 years, the whole world has changed. It’s incredible!

Have I missed anything?


Hell I just hired a guy I never met in person. We had a video call but even 3 years ago that would never happen in my business. And let me point out I was completely against this but overruled by our vp. Let’s just say the first two have not worked out well.

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