There is an ad blocking the reply/post button on desktop and App?

it’s on the bottom of the screen 80% of the time… need to log out / log back in and it is gone… but then it’;s back and annoying


basically making the site unsusable… on some ads there is an X to get rid of the ad… but only working some of the times… most time the X clicks the ad link or doesnt do anything

Please fix or move the ad placement

It’s being worked on right now. I am following the solution being work on by four people. Apologies that it is not corrected yet.

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No worries just thought you should know.

Thanks :pray:

Do you guys ever try things in a test environment first before going live with it?

ads are still popping up… some are X clickable but others are not and the website or app has to be re-loaded


Of course not. What do you think this is?!?!

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So there are ads blocking things, and there are things that blocks ads. If you don’t like one of those things, maybe you should try the other