There is no chance that people think Biden honestly won n election

Everywhere this weekend was chanting Fuck Joe Biden. Biden was getting no attendance at his speeches. The USA is becoming a cesspool of corruption run by BIg Tech, Big Pharma. and the MSM


Kyle Becker

Since the US government does not win wars, does not stop pandemics, does not spread prosperity, does not advance justice & does not protect Americans’ rights, what exactly does it do? D.C. is nothing more than a vehicle for abuse of power & a means to enrich corrupt politicians.


2020 was a vote against Trump not a vote for Biden. The dems just had to put up someone minimally offensive and they did.


Zero chance Biden had more votes. Trump was leading in every single swing state at 1130 on election night.


Don’t underestimate the power of the MSM. I def think enough people were put off by Trump, to the point of wanting “things back to normal” that they voted for that crusty fuck. Not to mention how terrible Trump looked in one of the debates. He was his own worst enemy. Add in COVID and it’s not impossible to imagine.

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The USA has become a cesspool of corruption run by BIg Tech, Big Pharma. and the MSM

Fixed that for you.

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They used the covid hoax to rig the election by changing the process in which the American public vote. DOMINION VOTING MACHINES

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Trump lost. Get over it already.


It really is this simple.

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If you guys really believe all that shit, than you are all a bunch of fucking cowards for not taking action and risking your life and freedom to dole out justice as you see fit.


Hey man, my tv told me he got the most votes in history so that has to be true.

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People that still think Biden won legitimately are absolutely delusional or ill informed. Statisticians have said that the election sequence was almost impossible to achieve and ridiculous to think it actually happened. Biden got the most votes ever. No normal human was voting against the best economy in us history, all time low AA unemployment, no wars started, agreements in the Middle Eastern East and low gas prices. The surface thinkers that believe this stupidity can’t be reached. They’re willfully ignorant not just woefully ignorant.


Agree with this.

You guys are in your own little bubble every bit as much as people in berkeley.


Still waiting for the proof. Actual evidence.
Team Trumptard has had 10 months to come up with something, anything of substance.

So saying “well, statistically it couldn’t have happened” is nothing more than a hissy fit.

Joe won, grow up and get over it.

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Trump didn’t win the popular vote the first time, and it was a surprise that the candidate with fewer votes won the election.

This time, he didn’t win the popular vote again. No surprise. And the candidate with fewer votes didn’t win the election. No surprise there either.

Despite them having nothing, they still believe.

I’m against you here.

I’ve considered candidates on both sides in the past. This is different. No fucking way, NO FUCKING WAY, he won that election. If you are still in any way angling that the fix wasn’t in, you are incorrect. MSM is strong, but not possible for them to swing it themselves. I can’t even entertain the thought that the election wasn’t fixed, and I am starting there. No free election, no free country. The Dems were complicit. Everything after was just that. After the fraud. And that is where we remain.


to believe that rally attendance is the real indicator of how people voted nationally is to believe that 10s of millions of Biden’s votes were somehow fake, and that there was a massive scale fraud operation to pull that off…but republicans are too fucking stupid to identify it.

which is pretty funny.