There is no slippery slope bigot

Liberals have always pushed to normalize mental illness and alternate realities.

The problem with that is the slippery slope. How can you defend a man that wants to identify as a woman but not a 50 year old man that wants to identify as 15 so he can have sex with kids. How about those that want to identify as animals or whites that want to identify as black.

Once you buy into one groups delusions you have to buy into the others or you’ll be accused of discrimination

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Conservatives no longer have conviction. A great quote I heard is “Conservatism is just progressivism with training wheels on.”
They’ll budge on every issue, and most won’t stand for shit. They just like to complain.

I don’t buy anything without making sure the company I’m giving money to hasn’t supported BLM or any other divisive, subversive cause.


Waiting to hear how we are all just triggered by the deflecting pedo loving lefties on here.

When the OG did the thread on the Amazing Desmond, Fett Lay N Pray was on here defending trans children. I posted the video where Desmond was on stage doing a faux strip tease at a gay night club as men threw money at him. He kept defending it but refused to watch the video. It’s the equivalent of sticking their fingers in their ears.

No matter how bad it gets, you will never hear a lefty say they’ve gone too far.




Why do you care?

-kcuck’s revenge

All I know is that if you weren’t on BLAD’s Ignore List of Tranny Intolerance, all of you are now!


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I hear Canada has pride season now. You know, multiple months. I heard on the internet, so I know it’s true.

This right here. I cant go around acting like a black man even if I truely felt I was, I wouldnt get into affirmitive action and I definitely would not be accepted as a black man.

Yet people can do this with gender and it is widely excepted? I mean skin colour is a wayyyyy smaller biological difference than gender yet that is free game? Its cool that biological men can transition and compete in womens Olympics? Just a push to normalize mental illness, and label everyone else as bigots that just observe what they are seeing.


What’s the difference between animals and humans? Animals would never let the DUMBEST of the herd be the leader. Think about that for a minute, so many want to have a voice and don’t contribute to anything, that shouldn’t be acceptable!


Thank you for being man enough to admit this. If only others could put their pride aside long enough to do the same, we would more quickly become a better country. I used to be a liberal in my 20s, and it turns out I was completely wrong myself!

The ppl identifying as a different race make far more sense than ppl changing their genders

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