There is no way Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley is gonna be a real fight

Jake Paul vs Askren was the fakest shit ever.

Paul vs Woodley is happening in Jake’s hometown.

Tyron is getting paid to take a dive so this fake hype train can continue so more big selling fights can happen with Jake.

It’s all about money.

And I hope to GOD that I am wrong about this.




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I agree. This shit is fake.

Jake is way snappier and more fluid than his brother Logan. But the Askren ordeal was suspect. I just feel this kids rich and smart af w the marketing.

Hes paying these guys to take Ls. Woodley knows the scoop cuz his boy just got a check.

“Shit you can KO me for 2 mill!”


I genuinely believe these Paul bros are putting in the work and are building legitimate skills. With Jake being the better fighter, Askren never had even decent boxing I don’t get why it’s so far fetched to believe Paul beat his ass legitimately. Then again it’s boxing and it’s had more than it’s fair share of corruption.


OP is one of the biggest morons to ever grace this blessed forum. Everything is fake to this goof.


Why are you posting like an 11 year old mexican girl


I don’t post much at all, but I had to because TS is such an idiot.

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I agree. I hope if Jake wins people will take him little more seriously dude really seems to like to test himself and put in the work.

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Wasnt directed at you, friend

He joined just to troll. We need Augespicht back to call dudes out.

Yeah I’m still baffled as to why people here thought kOing Askren was fishy. Nothing fishy about it— Jake is the much better boxer, younger and more athletic,


Who’s this jajaja tosser?

thank you sir

askren lowered his hand just for jake to hit him at the last second, ref stopped it early, the entire event was around jake winning, snoop dogg the owner of triller wanted jake to win and bet on him, askren and his wife were laughin backstage literally seconds after the fight, askren is 37 and only cares about money while jake is going on to sell big fights, only one real punch was landed in that entire fight, should I keep going?

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no clue

your mom said winndaddy to me last night

There are thousands of MMA fights that have occurred and I only called less than 10 of them fake, you stupid fuck.

Exactly, you’re smart you get it

Idiot fans will buy anything. Combat sports is a business. They want money. They don’t give a fuck about anything else lol