There is no way Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley is gonna be a real fight

Exactly man you’re on the money

Fuck you, you’re the fucking idiot, askren and his wife were laughing seconds after the “KO”. Literally one punch landed in that entire fight. lmao

He literally stood up and showed the ref his gloves. LMAO

You’re asking me?

I think Woodley will take a dive. This entire promotion seems overly dramatic and fake. I’m not sure how they will do it, seeing how terrible and fake askren vs paul did, but they will do it.

I hope to God I am wrong and this is a real boxing fight. But I highly doubt it. They will milk the paul train as much as they can for money

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It’s okay buddy, anything that happens will be used as evidence that it was fake. Real punches, fake punches, knockouts, decisions. No matter what, it was either a badly faked performance or a perfectly faked performance. The earth is flat. The whole world is a lie!


OP is really a low IQ individual. This is painful to read.

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Goddamn…people like you should be force sterilized so you can’t pass on your retard genes

So bro wtf are you saying? Have you got an opinion on the fight or just giving op shit?

You too tex Deuce you big faggot. You calling op a retard but got nothing to say about the actual point of his post. What’s your iq you fuken flop?

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Woodley is a shitty fighter, so Jake could easily wind up beating him. Woodley could also beat Jake for obvious reasons. That’s why it’s a good match.

I don’t know why you needed me to state the obvious but there you go.

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Aren’t these pro fights? I’m pretty sure as much as the Paul brothers are annoying, they aren’t straight up criminals. These are serious allegations.

Lol of course you think it’s a good matchup. Any teenager would.

What should I say to you or the OP?

Both of you are laughably dumb. It was clear as day to anyone who isn’t clinically retarded this isn’t going to be a fake fight. Neither was the Askren fight.

Some people are beyond help, and both of you fall into that category.

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