There is room on the wagon!

New England Patriots=2004 Super Bowl Champs!

New England = 2002 Superbowl Champs

I thought you were going with the Titans shadetree?

I am ....Read my post above again.


oops :)

I can read, honest.

Don't be shy,put on your New England Patriots shirt and jump on board the SuperBowl wagon!

close game 14-7 Pats at the half. Pats have made the big plays so far. Pretty evenly played, with a little Titan luck it could've been 14-13 or even 20-14 titans.

This is shaping up to be a pretty good game. The Titans are impressing me so far...

ttt for Adam Vinatieri, best clutch kicker in the NFL

.....I'm gonna cry

Good job PATS, but I'm jumping on the Indy bandwagon now

I just got home from the game,it was very cold!Two more wins to go!

It was a great game, but the Titans let that one get away...

I smell another Patriots victory this Sunday!

I was worried last weekend about the game against the Titans. This week I'm not so worried. Indy's defense sucks. Looking forward to tomorrow's game

You should be worried

One more win to go!Go Patriots!!

Go Patriots!

The Patriots are like Fedor!No one can beat them!