There once was an OP!

There once was a 13’er who posted a thread, on the underground forum now he wishes he was dead.
Along comes a 12’er and said “stfu OP cause you’re a 13’er”.
Now the 11’er didn’t like what the 13’er said and felt closer to the 12’er because he’s an 11’er.
Me 11’er, you 12’er can we be freaands?
The 10’er wanted to put in his 2 cents, saying “I’m a 10’er and I raise you a
Well, life went on and everyone hit refresh waiting for praise from the 9’ers.
The 9’ers didn’t show and an 8’er chimes in, hey y’all, I’m a 8’er, I trane UFC.
Then a 7’er appears and says you’re an 8’er, all you trane is your pet monkey .
If the thread must go on a 6’er will appear and says “I been saying this since I was 6’er, you better listen because I’m a 6’er and your a stupid 13'er.
Ya, everyone must have their say, some random 5’er shows up VTFD.
Of course a 4’er, 3’er, 2’er and 1’er are all “IN”, because it’s the cool thing to do.

Op is high, but made me lol Phone Post

The Ultimate Fighter 1) premiered on January 17, 2005


'5ers were known as tuf noobs

I was bored at work, not high, yet. It's just funny that every thread there is someone always referring a numb'er.
I'm an 11'er, don't care, don't post much anyway. I should be a 1'er since I watched the first 20 UFC events, but I didn't keep up and didn't start following it closer until the first TUF.

Voted up! Lol Phone Post