There’s nothing sexual or weird about drag shows for kids

I know right wingers are hysterical bigots, blinded by illogical religious hatred, but the time comes where you have to face the facts.

FACT: drag is a perfectly normal part of many cultures. It’s a fun family friendly activity.

FACT: It’s only the MAGA weirdos who make a big deal about them who put this nasty stigma on the events. Normal people who can use their brain understand that playing dress up is no big deal.

FACT: No child has ever been harmed at a drag show. The wonderful and talented performers go out of their way to make sure everyone has fun appropriate to their age range.

Let’s be real, if kids don’t like parts of the show, they can just close their eyes. What’s wrong with that? If Jizzy Jane kicks her leg up and you see her testicles for a brief moment, that’s not sexual in nature. It’s actually just nature. It’s the human body, nothing to be all scared about.

I attended a child drag event last week and everyone loved it. Yes, there was a point in the show where an 8 year old put money in a drag queen’s thong. Everyone laughed. The highlight was a little later on, when another performer took some money, pulled the 8 year olds panties over, and stuffed some money down her undies. There were high fives all around the room. She was the star of the show, literally nobody could take their eyes off her. She even got taken to the back room, probably to meet her all her new friends and tell them what a great show it was. This is what a wholesome family night is all about.

If everyone would just open up their mind and think out of the box, everyone could be as happy as that kid was that night.


Fuck you.


Die in a fire, groomer

PS, you got me


He assumed Jizzy Jane’s gender, and there is no excuse for that.

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FACT: OP is a cocksucking goblin


Stopped reading there. You pedos do a great job of outing yourselves.

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this is trolling. right? has to be.

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please. i need to know.

I believe it satire. When the kid gets taken to the back room, that’s where it dawned on me. But I didn’t read that far before I posted the first time.


OP was trolling. I thought it was hilarious.

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False. I hate maga. And Im against drag shows of any kind, for any age range.

I stigmatized these because I’m a dude, and don’t wanna be grossed out by other dudes pretending to be womans!

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:point_up::point_up_2:Top contender for gayest AIDS post this Thanksgiving :turkey:

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Funny, but here’s how it was fairly obvious that this is a troll :wink:

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OP is not a liberal shit bag, so make sure to read the post to the end for some LOLs

OP sure has a good “imagination”.

Well done, OP. I started out wishing I could murder you, but then I saw the light.