There will be no "Did you see..." Moments any more

What sucks is tonight there will be no "lol did you just see.." hilarity tonight. One of the best things about watching the events and UGing is the hillarious stuff people catch happening, like goofy fans doing something, hot chicks in crowd, cornermen doing something weird, Rogans expresions..

Basically someone always sees something funny, weird or a hot chick asks if anyone else saw it, some did done didn't then the gif gets posted and Everyone laughs. the gif ban takes this away as I imagine Any type of gif from the event is banned not just in cage action.

Its a sad day for the ug, really hope this latest turn of events doesnt prompt a mass exodus. Phone Post 3.0

Imagine if another "I Wild Each It" sign was held up, and no .gif could be posted.

The UG would explode. Phone Post 3.0

Agreed, UFC have taken a massive amount of this MMA communities fun something that has been a big part of the culture here. Very sad day indeed.

Been plenty so far already Phone Post 3.0

I feel bad that zuffa is fucking over Kirik Phone Post 3.0

sublime13 - Been plenty so far already Phone Post 3.0
Machette is one of the security/officials walking out the fighters tonight Phone Post 3.0

I bet if the UG didn't shit all over dana and zuffa all the time, gifs would still be allowed Phone Post 3.0

Well.. Is there anything we can visualize in our mind that was funny.

During the intros for touchy fili and Holloway they cut to the crowd with a guy going ape shit.

Other then that i didn't see much that instantly made me laugh and say "i bet there's a thread being created about that already" Phone Post 3.0