'There's A Level Of Stupid That's Really Hard To Achieve...' Chael On "Scumbag" JJ



If his UFC 300 claim was true, former title challenger Chael Sonnen is baffled by Jon Jones’ decision to publicly reveal it.

One of the leading topics since the start of 2024 has been the historic UFC 300 card in April and speculation regarding who could headline it. But despite Dana White building anticipation, the latest update has left many believing that the promotion is scrambling for a main event-worthy matchup.
While touring Australia, the reigning UFC heavyweight champion sat down for an interview with Submission Radio. Among the topics discussed was the timeline for his return.

That saw Jones make an interesting remark, claiming that he had been offered the UFC 300 headline spot during a phone call with the promotion’s chief business officer, Hunter Campbell, just days before.

Despite the event being just two months away, Jones’ comments have left most concluding that the promotion is struggling to net one of its stars for the high-profile spot, [which has heavy expectation surrounding it given the event’s milestone nature


A bemused Sonnen — who branded his former opponent a “scumbag” in the title — questioned Jones’ decision to reveal the offer, insisting that it comes as a damaging and harmful revelation for the organization.

“UFC 300, it is my personal favorite topic. Jon Jones comes out and he says, ‘Yeah, the UFC just offered me the main event.’ … I would just have absolutely no idea what goes through that guy’s head,” Sonnen said. "There’s a level of stupid that’s really hard to achieve, right? In fairness, I wouldn’t know. When would it be okay for Jon to claim he was offered a main event at UFC 300? When he wasn’t. If he was not offered that, if he’s working, if that’s a hustle to get a headline, he did a great job… If he made this up, if this is a lie about 300, great job. First time you’ve ever done a great job! But, because it would be the first time and because that’s off-brand, I don’t think that’s what happened.
“I think he got a phone call. So now, he comes out and he outs the organization… ‘Hey man, these guys don’t have a main event.’ Oh god. Daniel Cormier called him a bad employee a couple of weeks ago… Yeah, my god, what he did here is so damaging, and it’s not self-serving!” Sonnen continued. “He didn’t say anything that could be helpful. He only said one detail that can harm the company. ‘They don’t have a main event and they’re scrambling, which means any of you (fighters) that are getting a phone call, negotiate, hard , they need you!’ That is what the heavyweight champion just told the rest of the roster.”
Having undergone surgery to repair the torn pectoral tendon that forced him out of a planned title defense against Stipe Miocic last November at Madison Square Garden, Jones noted that he hasn’t recovered enough to make the April 13 date.

With that, it appears UFC 300 remains without a main poster pairing. And if the promotion is to come close to matching fan expectation, time is certainly ticking away.

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takes one to know one


After mostly giving up on seeing Jones fight again, it was pretty cool to see Jones return at HW and make short work of Gane. Who knows how long this hiatus will last. He is becoming one of the greatest “what if” stories of modern MMA.

Chaels one to talk, the pot calling the kettle black.


Chael has the worst takes in mma.


Chael is great at creating an angle out of nothing and just throwing it out there for the people to ponder, but what he says here makes some sense. It probably does negatively impact the position of the UFC in their negotiations with other fighters now that they’re down to the wire. Hearing about the big names who are officially eliminated from conversations to headline the event, while also being aware that the UFC is stil trying to figure this out at the 13th hour, after promising something extraordinary for the main event… puts fighters in a position to say “It’s getting late, and I’m gonna need more than what you’re offering” when seated at the negotiation table.

On the other hand, Chael came out on today’s podcast and praised Jones for making a brilliant strategic move by getting out ahead of it, so the UFC couldn’t later say that they offered it to him and he didn’t want to fight. It’s all about the timing and the optics. It’s amazing how Chael not only can, but is also willing to reverse course entirely on a single take from one day to the next, while not being incorrect on either.

I love Chael, as he is both knowledgeable and insightful with a lot of his takes, while blending in some totally ridiculous thoughts and opinions with downright inaccurate information, especially when he tries to talk boxing. I get a kick out of how he takes complete ownership of everything he says as absolute fact. Even He spews his bullshit with a straight face and a matter of fact tone while communicating it as The Truth. Chael Sonnen is a masterful troll at times, and also a great mind for the business, particularly when discussing anything related to marketing.

Long Live Chael Sonnen, undefeated UFC fighter, and the Greatest American Gangster to ever come out of that suburb south of that shithole called Portland!

I know nobody reads FRATs anymore. They are so 2014.


Yea I didnt read all that shit. Just went ahead and gave you the thumbs up for the effort you put into it

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Cheal is a tool. I can’t believe people still listen to his ass.

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9/10 Chael takes. Pays the bills so…

After the texts came out about how Dana and others in power really feel about Jones I don’t blame him for sabotaging this shit show.

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Anybody getting a call to be the main event this late should know to negotiate HARD. It has nothing to do with Jones.

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Now a guy I seen on Reddit a couple of days ago during the Superbowl was claiming that Nate was seen with Dana a few times this past weekend.

They both could be in town just catching up since they’re both there watching the super bowl and Dana lives there. Nate has mentioned he would like to fight in the UFC again. That’s where the best fighters are at he said. So could Dana be working something with Nate for UFC 300?

Nate vs Conor?
Nate vs Leon 2 (Fuck Belal)
Nate vs Masvidal 2 (Mas wants to come back)

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