There's no proof COVID-19 exists

There is no current study that satisfies either Koch’s Postulates, or even the flawed River’s Postulates in terms of isolating this “virus”. This is a longer video (~35 minutes) which I’m sure most of you will be too lazy to watch, but it scientifically proves that this entire pandemic is based around lies, assumptions, and bad science.


No but ugly people everywhere have been wearing masks…so there is that.


True. But if you can spare 30ish minutes watch this video and share it everywhere…it’s very informative.




Watch the video and you’ll understand. This doctor speaks in laymen’s terms for you.

Okay, so the video describes how to go back in time a year and a half and change all this shit so that it didn’t happen?

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Isolated SARS-CoV2 has been imaged and its replicated tracked in situ by Cryo-electron microscopy. SARS-CoV-2 structure and replication characterized by in situ cryo-electron tomography | Nature Communications. Hence, the claim that the virus has never been isolated is patently false.

What Kaufman says now is not different to what he said a year ago. Here’s a decent third-party review The Psychiatrist Who Calmly Denies Reality | Office for Science and Society - McGill University


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Vero cells were used in the methods therefore no isolation occurred in this paper. Koch’s Postulates nor River’s Postulates were satisfied. Try again.

EDIT: Also, in this paper they are using Drosten’s false “isolation” which Kaufman clearly points out in the video as not a true isolation of SARS. Drosten’s paper itself is ripe with bad science. I knew I could count on you to post in here pretending to be the savior lol.

EDIT 2: Your second link is a joke considering Kaufman also has a molecular biology degree from M.I.T. The “Psychiatrist” lol failed character assassination at it’s finest.


Biology 101: Viruses replicate in host cells. Viral cultures are with host cells. The same is true for some intracellular bacteria such as chlamydia.

The focus on Koch’s postulates is a red herring, as Kaufman is using antiquated principles to try to erroneously disprove the existence of SarsCoV2 and other viruses (including HIV).

Do you deny that the replicating particles imaged by the Heidelberg group (who are experts in infectious disease) are in fact SarsCoV2? The paper was published in Nature Communications, which is a highly reputable journal peer reviewed by experts in the subject matter. I would be curious as to what you feel, specifically, is bad science in the paper.

Secondarily, when it comes to credentials, a bachelor degree from MIT is a nice thing to have, but is not enough by itself to make someone an expert in infectious diseases or immunology. It does not equate to a graduate degree in virology or an MD in infectious disease.


An additional question for the Kaufman supporters. If the particles are exosomes as Kaufman claims, the genetic content would not be consistent across multiple isolates.

How is it possible that the viral genome can be reliably and reproducibly sequenced - including variant strains - in multiple labs worldwide? The answer is that it’s a virus. Just like how HIV can be sequenced.

The mRNA vaccine sequence came from sequencing the virus.


I’m gonna preface by saying I worked 6-7 days a week during the entire pandemic. I did not benefit from the virus besides the two checks that we’re givin. I’m skeptical of the virus just like some people in this thread. The media and doctors clearly came off as weird. But if you look up total deaths in America between 2017-2020 it shows that about 200,000 more people died last year than other years. Cause of death aside the internet says 200,000 additional people died last year compared to other years. They even factored in population growth.

And why does there need to exist a “killer virus” for 200,000 extra people to die in a year?

What else explains the extra 200,000? I’m probably as much of a skeptic as you. But if the virus had no impact there needs to another explanation for the extra 200,000 deaths

Forcefully intubating people that didn’t need it for one.


This is retarded. Why even bother with this argument. It’ll change nothing.


So Trump and the people around him never really contracted C19?

How about my aunt? She never contracted it either?

Man, get that fake conspiratorial shit out of here.


That’s something I didn’t think of. Idk if it would account for 200,000 though. I don’t think the whole world is so crazy that a made up virus led to 200,000 extra people dieing from the response to a fake virus. The world aint that crazy. Too many smart people all around for something that big to slip through.

So what was making people sick?

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The same guy who denies the existence of HIV, hepatitis, and measles viruses?