There's no proof COVID-19 exists

While the argument stated by OP is pure lunacy, you’re not far off. In a world of billions 200k crazy fucks is nothing. In the USA 200k is still miniscule. People be crazy.

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Koch’s Postulates is not a red herring. It’s the gold standard for virus isolation. River’s postulates are the flawed or “relaxed” version. If you can’t satisfy either of these, which no paper has yet to do, then it’s bad science because you’re claiming something “exists” and is in fact killing hundreds of thousands of people, when the truth is that it’s only assumed to exist. Find me one paper that at least satisfies River’s postulates for COVID-19 so we can at least be fairly confident it exists.

How is it pure lunacy? The virus has never been isolated by anybody.

Oh so are you just trying to sound smart by using semantics?

Or are you denying that covid exists in some form?

Something is making people sick and killing them. It’s a respiratory illness. Whether it’s been isolated as your video say or not, or if it is exactly what’s being presented to us via the media, is debatable. But denying its existence is for the mentally handicapped.

I just want to understand what level of fucking moron we’re dealing with here.


This is the type of thread that should be deleted rather than allowed to fester.


Thank goodness!

No study in medical literature exists that shows purified isolation of SARS-CoV-2. I’m sorry facts upset you this much sir.

The point I’m trying to make is that if you just assume what is making people sick instead of being 100% sure (following Koch’s postulates), then lots of people will die.

You are the only moron here (not really but you’re one of them).

Move to “Nonsense” Top Men

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OP is a fag.
Just watch this youtube video, it explains everything

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“Quick, hide the truth!”

If you can’t debunk this you’re a fag (which means you’re definitely a fag).

OP sides with EY all the time.


Sorry to ruin your COVID narrative, Mod Doomsday.

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Oh, you mean this guy?

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Koch’s postulates are not gold standard for viruses, and that’s why Kaufman is trying to use them as a semantic argument against the existence of any virus.

Nowadays we have electron microscopy and sequencing methodologies which unequivocally establish the existence and genetic identity of sars-cov2. You can buy strains from the CDC should you wish to replicate the experiments yourself.

Do you really believe SarsCoV2 does not exist? That’s the premise of your thread.


We need Mataleo in this thread to beat you down with medical reality again, and have you respond with your Dunning Kruger youtube posts, as typical