I like this thing, and thinking of getting it for grilling, but it ain't cheap.

Advantages: reads temp in 4 seconds. Has a small diameter probe so it won't leave a large hole in the meat.  Temp is read from the first 1/8" so you can use it on burger patties.

Disadvantages: Cost (about $70-$80).

What say you, grilling masters?

A 20 dollar digital probe thermo will do all that for 20 bucks. Seems you're paying for a gimmick.

A 20 dollar digital probe thermo will do all that for 20 bucks.

That's what my brother and I use on roasts and birds on the smoker/grill. He was never a good judge of when something was medium or rare until I got him his own digital probe. You shouldn't need a probe for burgers and steaks or chicken pieces.

Anyway, we set the probe's alarm for whatever temp we need to finish at and just track the temp inside the grill to keep the fire and smoke consistent. It leaves plenty of time for beer drinking.

Ya anything as thin as a burger or your average steak you should be able to judge the doneness by poking it with your finger.

i wouldne want to hold my arm over a hot grill for 4 seconds while taking a temp. go for a $20 probe.

am I the only one that can tell how cooked something is by pressing it?

i heard tyler florence can do it too but its an unfounded rumor.

actually, i usually just eyeball anything under roast size. i have a couple 36 oz bone in ribeyes in the freezer that i'll prolly use the probe for.

Probes are more for smoking and baking, IMO. Smaller stuff that cooks for a short amount of time can either be eyeballed or calculated by knowing the temp of the cooker and how long it takes.

That said, I sometimes use a probe for things like chicken quarters, if it's dark outside or if I have been drinking. However, my $20 probe does the job just fine. It may take 8 seconds instead of 4, but it's not that big of a deal...

That's America's Test Kitchen best model from their tests.   There is a $20 one that measured as accurately but it took like 12 seconds to do it which is why it didn't win. 

I have one and it works great.