These Actors were the same age at the time of this photo

It’s the gray in his hair/beard. It makes him look 50, though a “youthful” 50.

N Ow do marissa Tomei

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Harder times breed harder looking men! Look around today, bunch of slack jawed faggots running around!


OP i like OPs threads.



Ted McGinley didn’t age for about 30 years


He lived so long because he ate lots of quaker oats and it was the right thing to do.

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Edge of Tomorrow is really good.

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Not that he looked old, but when Bruce Springsteen was singing bout “glory days”… he was 35.

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This has to be fake

It’s true …damn

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It’s not years, it’s the miles that count

I mean, Bruce is the Larry the cable guy of rock. It’s a completely contrived act.


So says Little Steven, and I see no reason to doubt him.

God damn Sam was only 38 at his death.

Damn that gray hair makes people look old and decrepit as fuck. It’s unreal how old and haggard it makes people look. Straight gramps in the rocking chair old.

Genetics and facial structure plays a big role as well. Some people just look old, others look more youthful.

Getting fat certainly doesn’t help the cause either compared to staying fit and in good shape.

gray hair PLUS hair style and clothing
lots of dudes rock the salt and pepper/gray hair these days that look their age

i see guys in their 30s and early 40s with lots of gray, but i can still tell they are around their respective ages

Yeah style and fitness definitely play a part as well.

But that gray hair really, really ages people.

I still say she looks like Jerry Seinfeld with a nose job.

A lot is purely genetics - my Dad passed in May with a full head of hair and very little gray … at 93. I am 70 and am the same way, just a tiny touch of gray and hair so thick the barber uses the thinning shears on it every time. I have very little body hair or beard though. I can grow a mustache, had one for years but a beard would be scraggly and thin. My two sons are drastically different, the oldest who is now 42 started losing his hair in his late 20’s but can and does grow a hell of a beard. My younger son who is 40 this week looks about 25-27. They tease his wife all the time about snaring a young guy but they are the same age. Hollywood uses every trick in the book and some that are not but it all comes down to genetics in the end.