These Actors were the same age at the time of this photo

Different eras as well. Brimley lived in a generation where 50+ year old were supposed to look like that. While Tom Cruise has pampered himself his entire adult life, being a movie star from a relatively young age and all.

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And his engrams are all clear or whatever the Scientologists say …

Dude did a legit halo jump. I’m not sure pampered is the correct term here

“pampered” in the sense he takes care of his appearance like you would expect a woman who cares about her appearance to do. Patrick Bateman facial care routine, etc… Guys who were already adults in the 1960s and before sure as hell weren’t doing that kind of stuff. He’s also got great genetics and a natural babyface without looking too young. Guys like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp are already looking their age. Tom and Keanu Reeves are definitely the outliers.

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And Paul Rudd, hes in his 50’s too

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you pervert !!

I look a lot younger, yep like Cruise or Pitt (no I don’t pretend to be Chads like them ha ha) and besides being fit as fuck (beep) I do dye my hair to hide the gray. I can’t let my beard go beyond 3 days either for that reason.

Genetics play a big factor, I was still asked to show ID in bars at 25-28, had to shave only by 22 even if I can grow a full beard, but I also eat tons of veggies, don’t smoke, blablabla. If I got an hair transplant it would really help as it is what makes me look old (the gray would do it too obviously). I like that I can still attract college gals. Of course a good amount think I’m too old but a lot don’t. I could be their dad and I don’t mind… at all ha ha.

Pitt in Fury sure doesn’t look his age. And yeah, I like that. Who wants to look old if they can avoid it? But the “plastic surgery” look? No thanks.