These Fighters Suck...

Cro Cop (If he weren't left handed, he wouldn't win that much)

Matt Hughes (If he wasn't raised on a farm... he wouldn't be so strong and definitely wouldn't be champ)

BJ (if it weren't for that flexible guard... he's horrible)

Chuck Liddell (nada.. if he didn't punch so hard)

Mark Hunt... (without that chin.. he's a big fat boy and nothing more)

Royce Gracie.... (he would be nothing if he weren't a Gracie)

Ruas (come on... they would blow if they weren't born in brazil)

and and and

Tim Sylvia (of course... he's tall)




The sad, sad thing is so many people on here have typed so many of those sentances and meant them.


LOL !!

You forgot Rampage because he's black and ______ because he's on
steroids :)

nogueira- if he didnt train so hard and put it all on the line in every fight we'd have never heard of that scrub

EVERY SINGLE MMA fighter would suck if they weren't on steroids.

lol a couple of those guys are actually true.

this guy is an idiot

If it weren't for Rickson we never would heard of the armbar.


...thread petering out now...



I thought chuck was just lucky:)


don't forget Fedor who only wins because he's good.

I wish I was THAT lucky...